Next generation of Mobile CRM: Let there be Email

To design a good Mobile CRM app, we need to first understand a typical day of a salesman. What his main tasks and activities throughout the day are.
We have talked to several sales people from various industries. And we talked to our internal sales reps as well. Our findings show what the most common answer amongst sales reps is: “we communicate
…with prospects, customers, colleagues and (of course) the boss.
A typical sales rep makes calls, chats online, meets people, but most often he communicates via an email.

What’s so great about emails anyway?

An email is one of the most popular ways of business communication. It allows you to send a picture,  video, quote, invoice, call/meeting invitations, etc.
Compared to other forms of communication, it also stores the information for a future use. So if there is ever a need, you can use it as a proof, reference or reminder.

What’s the connection between emails and Mobile CRM?

We’ve realized that a good Mobile CRM app must be also a perfect email client.
Otherwise, a salesmen and other professionals would need to constantly switch between Outlook (or other email client) and Mobile CRM app.
Our goal with the new generation of Mobile CRM is to allow an easily work with text or HTML emails within the app. To do everything you would normally do: read, create a new one, reply, forward, work with attachments…all without leaving the Resco Mobile CRM app.
Moreover, we want to allow you to connect directly to an email server (such as Exchange or Gmail), so you will be able to download new emails, see your folders, move, delete, archive, etc. And if an email is business related, track it on the CRM server.
The new Mobile CRM will be a universal tool combining all email and CRM features, optimized for a mobile use.
Did you know we already re-designed the views and forms? Check out this blog post on the new Resco Mobile CRM user interface.

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