New Usage Scenarios for Resco Mobile CRM, part 2.

In my previous blog named New User Scenarios for Resco Mobile CRM, part 1, I tried to introduce new types of authentication that will be available in the upcoming update of Resco Mobile CRM. I have already explained a typical user scenario for the Registered User type of authentication, and now, I’d like to explore the other new option – Anonymous Authentication.
From the technical point of view, this solution works in a similar way as the Registered User’s one. But it is a bit simpler.
There should be a common CRM user with a defined security role. This user will be used for all anonymous users of the mobile CRM app.
Since typical users are most likely to be company’s customers, we have incorporated new level of re-branding options to the Woodford customization tool. So the company can customize the mobile app with its corporate colors, own app title, its logo, plus several other options. The customized mobile app will represent company’s identity.
What is the potential of this type of mobile apps? I believe it’s huge. Such branded mobile app can serve as a new marketing channel for the company. It can provide e.g.

  • List of company’s locations (stores, restaurants …) with a detailed descriptions, opening hours, etc.
  • List of product portfolio with images and more details, availability
  • Actual promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Chat, where users can share their experiences, or communicate directly with the company’s staff

Those are just few examples. The app can also generate leads; enable customers to place orders or request quotes, and a lot more. And the great advantage of this solution is the fact that everything is manageable from the Woodford customization tool. So the company can define the UI and the content just once and the app will work on all iOS, Android and Windows-based devices.
Simplicity of this solution, compared to a complicated custom development of mobile apps, makes me quite confident that this will be a new horizon for the Resco Mobile CRM.
Learn more here.

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