New Support ticketing system transforms the way you communicate and get assistance with Resco

resco support ticketing ssystem

At Resco, we are always looking to provide our customers and partners with the best support on your way to digital transformation. That is also why we have been working hard on our new ticketing system that will improve your experience and gets you the help you need more quickly.

Let me add a few details on what this experience will look like.

What’s new?

We are launching a new ticketing system available through a dedicated web portal, from which you will be able to report your requests. Via this new support portal, you can report requests for assistance, maintenance work, updates, issues or bugs fixes, and more through an interactive questionnaire.

resco support system reporting a problem

Why the new system?

The new ticketing system will allow us to gather information required to solve any request, in structured form and in an even more timely manner. At the same time, it will enable you to follow up on each reported request in one place and update or check the status of the requests immediately.

We are confident that easier tracking of issues will allow us to act quickly and bring support to a higher level. The whole support experience will be smoother for all our partners and customers and will lead to faster resolution of support tickets.

How will it work?

When accessing the Resco Support portal for the first time, you will be asked to set a new password to activate the account.

In the Portal, you will be able to select what kind of request you want to share with us and provide structured information to help us process the request faster.

Of course, even when you send an email to mobilecrm@resco.net, a request will be created. When replying to a notification from the ticket system, the request will be updated.

You will also be able to view the request in the Portal when using the View request link in the email notification.

resco support system reporting a system problem

You and other participants that will be added to the request via portal or email (all recipients of the mail will be added to the request), will receive notifications about the updates like new comments or changing status.

To receive notifications, a user account will be created using the email as an identifier. Unless you want to see the request in the Portal, you do not need to set a password to activate the account.

Check out the Resco support section we prepared to help you make the first steps in the Resco Support Portal – our new way of supporting you.

When will the new system be in operation?

Dates. It always comes to dates. The go-live of the new system for Resco Product support agents is to be Monday, March 7, 2022. We will start tracking all incoming emails arriving at our support email address (mobilecrm@resco.net) on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 10:00 pm CET, so all emails that will arrive after this time will be processed by the Resco Support portal.

The Resco Support portal will be available as you are reading this information.

resco customer portal contact us

The brief sums up

From March 7, the preferred channel of contacting Resco Support will be the new Support Portal. We will still receive emails to our general support email address from you, which will be converted to requests (e.g., for ongoing requests).

You can use the support portal to create or update your new requests or view your tickets.

When the status of a request changes, you will receive a notification about the request update, and you will be able to use email or the Portal to update or review the ticket.

We also prepared a more detailed guide about working with the new system, you can check it out here.

I believe you will enjoy the added value of this change. And thank you very much for helping us with any possible growing pains.