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Although Resco has been in the market for 18 years, our first touch to CRM technology is dated about a decade ago. The first version of Resco Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics was released in 2009. Since that time, it has become our flagship product. We’ve done a lot of development regarding CRM and mobile functionalities. But not just that. We’ve done a lot of R&D regarding other technologies such as maps, routes, data analytics, BI, rapid application development, browser based technologies, integrations, etc.
While most of the above technologies are a perfect fit for a mobile CRM, mostly they go far beyond mobile and CRM technologies. So it was very natural for us to start thinking about extending our product portfolio, which would result In higher value for our customers and new opportunities for our partners.
Let me show you three areas where we have a quite clear picture about how the new offering would look like from the technology and business points of view.

Maps, Route planning, Navigation

Maps have been a part of our solution for years. This functionality used to be the one distinguishing us from our competitors significantly. While integrating maps into various CRM functions we learned a lot about this technology and about customer needs.
Recently we added other map related features, such as route planning, and offline maps with navigation. And we’re working on many useful improvements and new functionalities.
We also understand that although maps are extremely helpful on mobile devices, there are a lot of scenarios where maps can be a perfect fit also for desktop environment. Such as planning optimal routes for an entire team of mobile professionals with respect to actual traffic info, etc. So, separating a map related functionality and extend it to useful desktop functionalities can be a great offering for customers that don’t want to focus on mobile CRM, but are requesting this kind of advanced functionality.

Mobile App Platform

While most of our Mobile CRM projects have been focused on sales, or field service scenarios, every customer has quite specific requirements for the final mobile app functionality. So, we had to provide quite a robust app development platform, allowing our partners to perform also complex customizations. In many cases, requirements for customizations go out of CRM standards.
Another point is that the demand for cross platform business apps is growing rapidly, since mobility has become a must for every industry and every business. And we got a lot of requests for a non-CRM business kind of cross-platform apps, which could integrate with third-party backend, easy to customize and maintain, with a support of some interesting features such as offline, barcode scanner, photo/signature capture etc.
That got us thinking about providing a business app development platform with a focus on mobile, non-CRM business scenarios. can serve as a great inspiration for us, with number of beautiful success stories, although their mobile capabilities are quite limited compared to Resco.
Thanks to years of real experiences and with a convenient licensing, we have an ambition to become a significant player in this area.

City Smart Services

Another area where we see a lot of potential is a vertical solution for municipalities. This topic is quite hot these days and a lot of businesses and public agencies are bringing new ideas about how to use modern technologies such as mobile devices, wearables, or IoT to make our cities smarter.
Our idea here is to build a solution based on the Field Service template that would serve both municipalities and their citizens to make life in cities easier. We brought more details about this solution in this blog.
And our goal here is to develop further functionalities on top of this solution so that it fits more and more typical city-related scenarios.

Where to learn more?

All the products described above are not just thoughts. The technology basis is ready and we are working with first prototypes. What we need to finalize is a technological and business cover to release them as commercial products. New products, bringing new value for end customers and new opportunities for partners.
We will fully introduce the new product, including first demos and licensing ideas during the annual conference taking place in Atlanta, March 14-15, 2017. So if you think that some of the new Resco products might be beneficial for you, make sure to be there.

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