New customer app Resco Advantage redefines customer relationship

Millions lines of text were written recently about the growing importance of mobile apps for retail. Some may agree, some may object, that users are not anymore willing to download yet another app and that mobile optimized web-sites can also do the job. You really think so? Read this through and you might change your mind.
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Traditionally, customer apps meant nothing more than integrating loyalty programs into mobile apps. It tackled the problem of carrying around numerous paper-based loyalty cards, which users worried about leaving at home or taking up too much space in their wallets.
Resco decided to take the idea of a customer app the next level. We asked ourselves: “What if we re-built upon our famous Mobile CRM platform and develop a universal platform for creating customer apps? And what if we integrate Woodford capabilities into a new customization console and let users import and customize business data?” After a brief analysis it became apparent that Mobile CRM is versatile enough to meet various calls of SME’s for custom apps.
Surely it is easier said than done. After months of furious development, we are happy to finally announce the release of fully functional beta version of Resco Advantage! Wondering why Advantage? The logic behind the name is that the utilization of our platform is a way cheaper and faster alternative to traditional platform-specific customer app development, while the sales and marketing potential of final app remains unchanged. It also brings power of mobile marketing to SME businesses, boosting their competitive position. To sum up the features it lets businesses to:

  • Present products
  • Visualize business locations
  • Distribute promotions
  • Manage loyalty programs
  • Let customers engage in discussions

I don’t think these can be achieved neither via web-site nor simple loyalty app.
Security of mobile loyalty apps is another heatedly debated topic. Users claim that since these apps are provided for free, their security levels would be low. As we listen to the voice of customers (and prospects) we provide Advantage’ users with free space on our secure cloud. Additionally, we assist with rebranding of the final app and also with its submission to app stores ensuring that it’s both, unique and easy to find. And hey, what is easier than market a branded retail app that brings added value for users?
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