Resco Inspections Autumn Update 2020: Multilingual questionnaire templates, enhanced Manager’s Experience, and more

With the Autumn Update of Resco Inspections, questionnaire templates can be translated into different languages within the app, erasing the language barriers that might arise in an international environment. Furthermore, we continue to add to the experience of managers by providing them with brand-new configuration options for Manager’s Experience, so they  can tailor the app to fit their need for specific insights and data.
Let’s now have a closer look at key new additions to Resco Inspections in the Autumn Update 2020:

Access the same template in different languages

Our new questionnaire localization feature makes it possible to display the same questionnaire template or report in many different languages. This can be especially useful for companies operating across different countries or continents. You can translate the templates either manually or export the file and send it to a professional translator. Once the translated file is ready, you simply import it back.
Language localization in questionnaires Resco Inspections
Take a UK-based solar panel company that operates in five countries across Europe as an example. Their headquarters is in London, but they are also present in Austria, France, Hungary, and Poland. When a technician inspects the installed panels in France, he can choose to open the questionnaire in French. Similarly, a technician inspecting the company’s solar panels in Poland can access the same questionnaire in Polish, as the templates are available in all 5 of the company’s working languages.
See how questionnaire localization works in Resco Inspections:
Available in: Resco Inspections

Expanding the managers’ insight even further

The new Manager’s Experience provides managers, supervisors, and team leaders with a wide spectrum of configuration options when using Inspections on Resco Cloud. To fit specific needs and priorities, the menus and views are now fully customizable. This way, managers can get a detailed and consistent overview of the tasks, progress, and results of their field teams.
The Manager’s Experience is based on the Resco web app, which means you can easily configure it in Woodford, just like any other Resco app.
Available in: Resco Inspections
Language localization in questionnaires Resco Inspections

Performance and sync improvements

Big projects often suffer from rapidly growing database footprints, mainly due to automatically generated duplicates. These can significantly slow down the performance of the app. However, now you have the option to turn off duplications, so they no longer hinder the performance of the app.
This is one of the reasons why the performance of the Resco Inspections app has improved rapidly. For a questionnaire with 600+ questions with a rule set up on each question, the number of OnChange rule calls has decreased from 81 257 to 900. Ultimately, it improved the loading time of the questionnaire by 249 seconds on Android, by 36 seconds on iOS, and by 2.2 seconds on the Windows desktop app.

Discover all features from Resco’s Autumn Update

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