Mono project revived under Xamarin

After Miguel de Icaza and his team had introduced Mono tools under Novell, many .NET developers welcomed the idea with arms wide open. MonoTouch and Mono for Android allow using .NET technology skills and writing code in C# when targeting iPhone, iPad and Android devices. All looked bright and the cross-platform support became reality—all was great until…

Until the news came in May this year announcing major layoffs to Novell employees, including those working on Mono, after Attachmate’s acquisition. The future of Mono tools was unclear until mid-July, when Xamarin—startup by Miguel—announced it partnered with SUSE, an Attachmate Business Unit. The agreement grants Xamarin a perpetual license to all intellectual property covering Mono, MonoTouch, Mono for Android and Mono Tools for Visual Studio. The future of Mono project looks bright. Developers can enjoy the well-known .NET technology again. Moreover, they can bet on toolsets by Resco designed for MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

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