MobileForms Toolkit news for 2012

Happy Monday!
It’s been quite a long time since we added the last post. We are really sorry for that but we’ve been pretty busy with new releases of our products.
The good news is that MobileForms Toolkit will get some new features in Q1 which you might be interested in:)

  1. New elements with smoother scrolling and more functionality and properties:
    • UIListView
    • UIAdvancedList
    • UIPagePanel
    • UINumericUpDown
    • UITabBar
  2. Themes support – user interface with unified themes stored in XML file. Mobile user can pick a new theme and all controls will change appearance according to that theme.
  3. New icons for Icon Library (set of Windows Mobile icons available for all users with active licenses)
  4. Touch support for Windows 8 tablets

Let us know any feedback you have on this.

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