Mobile industry in one chart

If you are a mobile developer and you want to know the truth about mobile trends, then you need to see this chart. Simple, clear and still can say a lot:
The first thing that you already noticed is a huge blue ocean of non-smartphones. Bloggers and authors tend to compare iOS with Android and the battle between them. However, the biggest opportunity still stays in the non-smartphone market. Apple’s iPhone is a top level smartphone that is highly priced. The iPhone’s ability to catch new customers that previously owned non-smartphones is thus questionable. Non-smartphones are usually really cheap phones with very limited and basic functionality. Therefore it is reasonable to argue that non-smartphones customers will rather look for smartphones in lower price range. This price range is dominated by Android.
We can make couple of conclusions based on the data from this chart:
1. Although vast majority of people in US still own non-smartphones, this amount is shrinking.
2. Android is the smartphone leader with the highest growth.
3. Aplle’s iOS is second player in the smartphone market with the best capability to compete with Android and attack its first position.
4. The size of RIM‘s market share is slowly shrinking over time.
5. Palm is dead?
6. Microsoft’s Windows Phone and other OS are not really important players. We cannot predict their growth nor the decline. Their future is rather uncertain. But one thing is certain for sure – Microsoft and RIM really have to rethink their strategy in order to compete with Google and Apple.
Article written by Peter Hanustiak from

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