Bring Mobility to your Field Service with Resco & Microsoft [VIDEO]

When they say mobility in the field, people often picture a sales guy meeting clients outside the office walls.
However, mobility for field service technicians is just as important (if not even more). According to Aberdeep Group Research, 80% of field service organizations say Mobile Field Service is required to improve staff efficiency and speed.
There are two most common use case scenarios when taking the back-end system you use to manage customer data & relationships (may it be Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, …).
Let’s focus on mobile field service for now. What do we know about it anyways?

Mobile Field Service Decalogue

  1. Present mobility to every field service technician as A MUST, NOT AS AN OPTION.
  2. Let them remotely access customer, product, service request and task related information.
  3. Combine customer insights & easy work order management, so that your service agents can finally work with tools that are fast enough.
  4. Equip your technicians with the app to update their tasks, capture materials, time, expense details, and more.
  5. Connect a mobile field service solution with Dynamics CRM you already use and know well.
  6. Allow field agents to process service information while working remotely.
  7. Empower dispatchers with a 360` view of current statuses, whereabouts of each agent, including the progress of their service work on the schedule board.
  8. Configure the app behavior around your business needs with Resco Mobile Dynamics 365 Woodford solution.
  9. Avoid pen and paper systems for good. Did you know that 52% of companies are still using manual methods to handle field service?
  10. Remember, they can do all of the above, regardless of the internet connectivity (and synchronize when they are online).

In the video by Microsoft Dynamics below, you will see how field agents and dispatchers can benefit from mobility to track customer accounts and contacts wherever they go.
Note: all video showcases pertaining to mobile field service capabilities would not be made possible without Resco technology. The video below entails all the perks that mobility brings to a user, ranging from route optimization to agenda organizers that are easy on the eyes, to multimedia attachments and mobile invoices with a signature.

What does Mobile Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer? Download the mobile app in the Windows Store. Once you download the app, you’ll see in the “About” section that the Field Service App you installed to your device, is actually “powered by Resco”.
If you’d like to learn more about Resco technology, reach out to us at

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