Who needs Audit in their mobile CRM system? We all do


Statistics say that a huge percentage of information systems purchased by organizations are not used at all; or employees use only very small portion of the full functionality. It’s usually because the information systems are quite complex and require advanced training. Or simply because people don’t like to change their habits. And this could be an obvious case of mobile solutions as well.

Mobile Audit is a tool that helps managers understand better how their field workers use the mobile CRM app. And if the results are bad, they can easily identify a way to make improvements.

Mobile Audit can show you how many activities your field workers created, how many times they synchronized the app with the server, how many accounts they looked at, or if they even started the app today. You can see during what hours they use the app the most. You can easily identify who doesn’t use the app at all, or uses only a small portion of its full functionality. And, based on this info, you can start to make changes.
Overall, Mobile Audit can help your organization increase productivity of field workers and achieve the ROI significantly earlier.
With Mobile Audit functionality in your CRM, you can capture the time, GPS location, all the creates, updates, deletes or edits of any record.
You can also track application’s state events, and that is whether the application is running, is terminated, or paused (put to background) or resumed (put back to foreground).
Let me answer the questions about mobile audit that might have crossed your mind.

What exactly is it good for?

A very common scenario for a mobile CRM usage is inspections. Employees go in, take a look at what needs to be verified and then fill in the inspection form.
With Mobile CRM, they can not only do the inspection very quickly, by picking options on the form and filling in some details. They can then add on to this by including a photo of the site (of a damaged car or a flawless pipeline), verify the inspection with their signature and the company can capture the GPS location of the inspector to prove that he was indeed on site while doing the inspection.

What are the most common scenarios of tracking?

Imagine, you are a sales manager. You might want to be sure where your salespeople actually really are when using an app. Audit lets you know when somebody went to buy new shoes instead selling yours to the client.
We don’t encourage you to track your employees like a Big Brother. But you might find this to be useful when you need to keep evidence for issues you might face or there is a suspicion of fishy activities within your company.

Will auditing slow down my system?

No, it will not slow down your CRM system. All auditing data is stored in a single audit table. This design keeps the auditlogs completely separated from other CRM data.

Can I audit just selected users?

You can choose to audit just selected set of users as the setup is tied to a user role. That means you could, for example, audit service staff, but not sales reps.
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