Mobile Audit – a tool to increase productivity of field workers

When we first introduced Mobile Audit for Resco Mobile CRM at MS Convergence this year in New Orleans, there were doubts about what this feature is for. First impressions of people who have visited our booth were that its main purpose is to monitor employees’ whereabouts. Not quite right, the sense of Mobile Audit is more complex.
Statistics say that a huge percentage of information systems purchased by organizations are not used at all; or employees use only very small portion of the full functionality. It’s usually because the information systems are quite complex and require advanced trainings. Or simply because people don’t like to change their habits. And this could be an obvious case of mobile solutions as well.
Mobile Audit is a tool that helps managers to better understand how their field workers use the Mobile CRM app. And if the results are bad, they can easily identify a way how to make improvements.
Mobile Audit can show you how many activities your field workers created, how many times they synchronized, how many accounts they looked at, or if they even started the app today. You can see during what hours they use the app the most. You can easily identify who doesn’t use the app at all, or uses only a small portion of its full functionality. And, based on this info, you can start to make changes.
Overall, Mobile Audit can help your organization increase productivity of field workers and achieve the ROI significantly earlier.
If you found this interesting, do check out the security options Resco Mobile CRM offers. They’ll blow your mind.

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