Microsoft’s mobile client for Dynamics CRM 2016 vs. Resco Mobile CRM (Update)

Last updated in April 2016.
We’ve published two other comparison articles in the past. If you want to see how the two applications (Resco Mobile CRM & Microsoft’s MoCa) progressed in time, take a look at:


What has changed?

Believe it or not, not much has changed. Sure, both mobile clients have seen improvements, but the essence remains the same:

Microsoft’s mobile app for Dynamics CRM is great for people who occasionally need to remotely access the CRM database, Resco Mobile CRM remains the go-to tool for everyone who needs mobile access to CRM on a daily basis.

What makes me say that? Take a look at these attributes:

Feature-by-feature comparison

* However, Microsoft has introduced folder-level tracking for Dynamics online users
** A partial integration — only viewing of SharePoint/MS Office/OneDrive for Business documents is available
We received a couple of additional comments to this table — we’re adding them here because we think they’ll be beneficial to you as well. Here they are:

  • Microsoft’s offline capability does not allow you to update data (e.g. visits) while being offline
  • And offline created drafts need to be manually synchronized when back online.

Thank you for your notes Geert!

Availability of entities

List of entities available in Resco Mobile CRM compared to MoCa
Note: For a list of entity records available to be created using Microsoft CRM Mobile app for phones and tablets

Limitations of the new offline capabilities

On the paper, it may seem like both solutions offer offline capability. It’s important to address the limitations of newly introduced offline capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 for phones and tablets.

  • Azure connector setup – Microsoft’s mobile application requires setup via Microsoft Azure
  • Availability – the offline application is available for Dynamics CRM online customers (on-premise installations are not supported)
  • Offline data – Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and other entities related to PriceList are not supported, there is no way to select fields for Offline (all fields are downloaded)
  • Data encryption – offline database is not encrypted
  • Functionality – neither charts, nor export to MS Excel or Word are available no offline database access from JavaScript (which allows for offline business logic/validations/processes)
  • Synchronization – uploading of data starts when switching back to Online mode, which blocks the UI until all data is uploaded
  • Offline mode trigger – offline mode is triggered only when there’s no connectivity (no option to turn it on), which means users cannot speed up the loading of records by deliberately working in offline mode


Non-technical differences

Microsoft wins on these fronts:

Price — no additional costs as the applications are free of charge
Customer & partner base — it’s natural to go for a mobile application of the CRM provider
Reach — larger scale of promotional and personal reach
No additional customizing tools — all is done within the CRM itself and many variations are automatically taken from the server

Resco excels in these things:

Functionality — starting off with a lot more features and continuing this trend with 4 major updates each year
Offline capability — even though Microsoft introduced offline-capable solution, there are still a lot of limitations to it that make it a lot less powerful application in the field
Experience with mobility — 16 years and counting has taught Resco a thing or two about designing applications specifically for mobile scenarios
Focus — Mobile CRM being the focal point of the company assures the continuous quality of the product
Flexibility — as a small vendor, Resco has the flexibility when it comes to fixing things as well as developing new features based on customer feedback (Resco’s CEO has written a separate post on this: Resco’s unfair advantage over Microsoft)
Support — known for quick response time and pro-active approach


Offline is still important. You still got slow connections, meetings in buildings, rural areas and other obstacles that could put a giant stone blockade in your way.
You can do a speed test to see how quickly the user can log in and navigate to a particular record.
See how much of a difference can one feature make. Like this one: Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM mobile client for phones does not work on Android 5
“We believe that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great product and an amazing development platform. We’ve customized it further than many think possible. But in my opinion, the free, CRM mobile client is still lacking. So if the free mobile client doesn’t meet the needs of the customer, what do we recommend? That’s a no-brainer for us – RESCO.“
— Barkley Busby, Vice President and Co-Founder of 2B Solutions
Get in touch with Resco to fing out how your Dynamics CRM would look like in Resco Mobile CRM

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