Will Microsoft release mobile client for Dynamics CRM that will also be capable to work offline?

Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but Microsoft is not releasing an offline capable mobile client for Dynamics CRM for years to come.
Even though there have been talks of MoCa’s upcoming offline functionality all over the Internet for some time now.

Here’s what my google search revealed

February, 2012

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile will also offer an offline mode on most devices so that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed even when there is lack of Internet connectivity. Source
Microsoft announced today that it will bring its Dynamics CRM suite to popular mobile device platforms next quarter. The company said the new offering, called Mobile CRM, is cloud-based and is designed to provide mobile client service specific to the supported platforms, allowing sales reps to synchronize information such as sales pipelines, providing offline access to the data. Source

Note that offline mode was supposed to be out on the market in Summer of 2012.
September, 2013

Improvements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets:

  • There are now offline functionalities to view data anytime Source

We’ll see the following features:

  • Recently viewed data is cached automatically on the mobile device
  • A new multi-search function that allows you to search ten entities or records at a time
  • Work-offline capabilities Source

Note: As you can see, the articles about the Fall 2013 release were a bit misleading. Only offline caching of viewed records was included in this release.
March, 2014

Vega – Offline/Mobility Release
The main focus is to improve the offline experience and the main areas that will be affected are outlined below. Source
Full mobile CRM offline capability is expected with the “Vega” release in CYQ3, 2014. Source

There’s still no offline mobile solution, but this functionality is targeted for the Vega release in Q3, 2014. Source

Note: People really expected offline mode with the next release codenamed “Vega”.
But the Microsoft’s Release Preview stated:

…extended CRM offline capabilities for tablets…
Improved offline for CRM for Tablets: Create records and sync from offline, Enhancements to data security, Multiple dashboards, Hierarchy modeling, Live notifications (potentially) Source

Note:  No mention of a real offline mode.

Here’s what’s really going to be included in the next version of MoCa

Microsoft’s latest Dynamics CRM press release states:

New mobile sales capabilities across mobile platforms increase productivity with flexible RoleTailored dashboards and analytics, as well as personalized home pages. Source

Note: Ok, maybe the article was too long and the info about offline mode just didn’t make the cut. Let’s look at the latter Preview Guide:

Connectivity is not always available while traveling. With offline drafts new records can be created and changes can be synchronized once reconnected. Source

Note: There you have it. No offline mode. Just offline drafts.
And even those make me question a few things:
How can you, for instance, create a contact and assign it to an account if these are not stored offline? The same goes for a quote (let’s pretend for a while MoCa will support Quotes). A quote without a list of products is quite useless. And for having the option to select products for the offline draft, you would need to have products stored offline.
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