Microsoft is going to nail mobile Dynamics CRM!

These are the rumors that I just got from some sources. I immediately said to myself: “Here we go again”. In February 2012 Microsoft announced that they will deliver Dynamics CRM on virtually ANY mobile device in Q2 2012. These plans didn’t work out and Microsoft delayed the mobile support from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012. Unfortunately this again didn’t work out. Now Q2 2013 is approaching and Microsoft is back again with its new plans to nail the mobile Dynamics CRM.
The new mobile client should have offline capability but not in next release, probably in some day in the future. It should have support for custom entities but again probably in some day in the future. It should have support for business logic – you can guess it already – in some day in the future. And it will support only Windows 8 devices.
So this is the magic strategy of Microsoft that is going to nail the Mobile CRM. Really?
You can have:

  • online and offline capability
  • support for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet, Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 7, 8.1 and RT and Windows Mobile
  • interactive maps with navigation
  • barcode scanning
  • pictures taken with your device in the field and attaching them to the service cases for instance
  • iframes
  • GPS tracking and auditing
  • integration with phone
  • wipe-out the database (which is encrypted by default)
  • + much more

You can have all these now with Resco, a company that helped over 4000 companies to create mobile enterprise applications for over 15 years. Or you can wait for Microsoft which might come some day in the future with offline capability and support for custom entities on Windows 8 devices.

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