Microsoft Dynamics CRM – small honest review from ordinary user

Dear Microsoft,
Some of my acquaintances claim that they already prefer to access their Dynamics CRM data from their iPads instead of the native Microsoft clients which run in Internet Explorer. To be honest, I feel the same.
When I try to send an email from IE, I have to go to accounts (first window pop-ups), look for contacts (second windows pop-ups), switch to activities, look for previous activities (1-15 pop-ups depending on amount of activities) and click on add email (another pop-up). Now when somebody disturbes me for a while, I am completely lost in all those annoying pop-up windows and I have to start all over again. Take a look at my Windows toolbar during my work day – full of pop-ups from Dynamics CRM:

Now I need to mention that everything is online and it often takes sometimes up to 4 seconds to load each screen. When you go over any button on the Dynamics screen with your mouse for instance it takes some time for the button to recognize the mouse and allows me to click on it. Again annoying.
But let’s pretend that nobody disturbed me and I am free to continue my work. I have to insert previous conversation from my Outlook if it is still not included. Next thing I write the email itself. It already took me 10 minutes to get into this point. I am writing email and the formatting is simply disastrous. First line small, second line bigger with different font, font size and spacing. Ridiculous!
At least I have my iPad. With Resco Mobile CRM I can access everything within 3 clicks. Neatly organized, no pop-ups, no troubles with formatting. Pleas take a look and compare.

best regards,
ordinary Dynamics CRM user

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