Is Resco Mobile CRM compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015?


Yes, indeed. Resco Mobile CRM has been compatible with the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, titled 2015, for quite some time now. Since the very beginning actually.
It’s just one of the many new features that made into the Resco Mobile CRM Winter 2014 Release.

How come was it available so early on?

Resco gets each new version of Dynamics CRM (release candidate) well ahead of the general availability of the solution, so we can prepare for the update.

By the time the new version of Dynamics CRM is out in the open,
Resco Mobile CRM app is ready to go.


What about an upgrade?

Are you thinking of upgrading your existing server to 2015 and worry about how it might affect your existing Resco Mobile CRM solution?
No worries. The update is easy and this Transition Guide will lead you along the way.