Major announcement coming at 2017 in Amsterdam

We have some big news prepared for all partners and customers at this year’s conference.
What can it be, you ask?
By now you probably know that at Resco we don’t like to stand still. We’re always looking for ways that enable us to get the best solutions to as many users as possible. And so we thought: “How can we make Resco technology available for all our partners to efficiently build their own, highly customized solutions?”
The answer? Cloud! And with Microsoft Azure being the public cloud of choice for businesses across Europe, you’ve probably guessed by now that the announcement on 25th October will be Azure-related.
We believe that this next step will enable partners to create solutions based on Resco technology for an even wider spectrum of customers. Since users have quite specific requirements for the final app functionalities, over the years we’ve built up quite a robust development platform, to perform even unique, one-of-a-kind customizations – often reaching far beyond mobile CRM requirements. And Resco technology running on Azure can be a great stepping stone for partners to easily design even non-CRM cross-platform apps. Apps which are easy to customize, maintain and integrate with other third-party business solutions.

Witness the announcement live

We won’t give away further details at the moment. &but, you can still join us for 2017 (Oct 25-26) in Amsterdam, see the announcement yourself and learn all there is about mobilizing your business. 2017 in Amsterdam is now over. However You can check out the details and get your conference pass for the American edition of – taking place in Atlanta on 14th – 15th March 2018.

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