MADhack 2017: Take a peek at the 3rd edition of Resco’s coding marathon

For the 3rd time ever, Slovakia’s capital has become the epicentre of mobile app development.
How so?
The coding marathon, known as MADhack = Mobile App Development Hackathon brought to life a number of innovative ideas. A 2-day meetup focused on students, took place on November 24-25.
Why do we do this in the first place?
Because, a hackathon is a unique opportunity for students and junior developers to work on their ideas and perhaps, eventually implement their own projects in real life. Guided by expert programmers from Resco, attendees had a chance to compete with their apps, network, and enjoy the “MAD coding atmosphere “.
Participants were teamed up into 5 groups, where each worked on a different idea of the mobile app that solves a concrete problem. While developing the apps, they had a chance to boost their knowledge and learn more about teamwork.
The winning project created by Upteam, called “Pilule “(=Pills) introduced the application that offers “all-under-one-roof “information about medication. What a great way to have quick access to each drug description, its contradictions in combination with different forms of prescription, right?
A team from ‘Natural Solution‘ that created “Peealarm“, the alarm clock without the ‘snooze button‘ was awarded with the second prize. Waking up with the app, does not only come naturally based on basic biological need. It analyses & optimizes the input data, and hence recommends the amount of water to drink before going to bed to wake up at required time!
“MADhack 2017 was yet the 3rd edition of hackathons organized by Resco. And for the 3rd time, each team proved that young ‘developers-to-be’ are enthusiastic, and keen to boost their skills and knowledge. We were happy to contribute by sharing our skills, too. Participants worked hard and weren’t afraid to ask for advice when needed. All the time invested, resulted in effective solutions for everyday use. We’re hoping to make the upcoming edition equally attractive, with a slightly updated concept. Stay tuned to find out more!“ – Resco’s Senior Developer Juraj Mojik summarizes the event.
Now it’s time for Resco’s 3rd Mobile Development Hackathon gallery:

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