Add an egg to the mix: Give your users the option to choose their device


Why no one wanted instant cake mixes?

Back in the day, in 1950’s, instant cake mixes were launched on the market. Making it super-easy for any housewife to place a wonderful cake on the table in no time.
The problem was: Nobody wanted them.
Not like all women wanted to spend hours and hours on baking a cake. It was just… the mixes were not their own. Adding a water to the powder did not make it their creation.
The solution.
An egg!
Once the women were given the task of adding water AND an egg to the mix, it was a whole different story.
Might not seem reasonable to a perfectly rational person. But a single egg was all it took to make the cake feel their own.
The sale of cake mixes skyrocketed.
This human irrational behavioral was an object of a study conducted at Harvard Business School and was published under a title The “IKEA effect” When Labor Leads to Love. (This is an absolutely interesting read – I highly recommend it to everyone willing to read through this 34-page long paper.)

Where am I going with this?

I have talked about mobile devices previously in a blog post: What software and hardware requirements do you need to consider before buying mobile devices for Resco Mobile CRM?
As you can guess from the title, I have talked about choosing the right devices for your users. Now I want to build up on this.
Provided the slight differences in mobile platforms and devices do not make a difference for your business, I’ve got a proposal:

Why not let the users choose their own device?

Just like adding an egg to the cake mix made housewives feel like they baked the cake, letting your staff choose their mobile devices can make all the difference in adoption of a mobile CRM solution.
People don’t really like being told what to do. So, if you tell them: “Here’s a tablet. From now on, you’ll be using it.”, you might run across resentment. Not necessary because people feel like they don’t need the device and the software that comes with it, but because they didn’t have any say in the decision.
Of course, on a corporate level, it’s hard to incorporate all users in the decision making. Especially when you have a lot of them.
But, what if you gave them an option when it comes to other things? Like devices.
On a corporate level, it hardly makes a difference if some users have iPads, while others have Samsung Galaxy Tabs. For an individual, however, this has a significant impact.

How will this impact the adoption of Mobile CRM?

Picking a device is already a common practice for phones – users usually get to choose which one they want with the given monthly plan.
You can do the same for your Mobile CRM users. Let them choose their device from a selection you make.
This approach might just make them lose their initial resentment towards something new. By picking a mobile device, they will feel as a part of the decision, hence be positive towards adopting mobile CRM as a whole.

Does it mean extra effort on your side?

Can we use both Android and iOS devices and still configure the system only once?
Yup, you can.
No extra effort on your side.
Everyone is happy.

It’s as simple as this

Make a selection of devices that are apt for your business and give the final word to each person.
They may not show it, but they’ll be happy as a housewife who has just prepared a double-chocolate cake from a mix. Own egg added of course!