6 lessons learned at resco.next every partner should know


Resco.next 2019 keynote was full of inspiring ideas. All attendees – whether coming from the partner or customer base could relate to topics covered. From innovations through user success stories to reflections on Resco DNA. Let’s now zoom at key learnings that our partners brought home from Rome. Here is the list of 6 lessons learned at resco.next every partner should know:

1. Custom is the way to go

Creating custom Resco solutions is a very effective way of how to do enterprise mobility with Resco.

All of our top partners use the vast capabilities of our Mobile Business Apps Platform to create their own branded solutions, enhanced with their know-how. The platform gives you the tools to quickly build a solution from the ground up. It allows you to completely align it with the processes of customers from industries, product lines or departments you specialize in. This is exactly how the mobile platform for the hugely successful Dynamics 365 for Field Service came about.

Use this to your advantage and build your own custom solutions, whether it be for Salesforce, Dynamics 365, or other backends. Then, when your solution is ready, we will help you market it. One of the ways we do this is through our Partner Marketplace

2. Hard work and innovation pay off 

We had the great pleasure to – for the very first time – officially honor & award the best Resco partners and enthusiasts in three categories: Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Innovation and Partner of the Year.

Winning or becoming a finalist establishes our partners as leaders in enterprise mobility. It creates new and stronger business connections and leads to increased market recognition. On top of that, it generates positive press coverage and presents the organization as a software implementation partner with major Resco expertise. Not bad, right?

Find out who the winners are here

3. One extra day just for partners 

Another premiere at this edition – this year we added an entire extra day (23rd October, one day before the main event), dedicated specifically to partners. The purpose of it was to make sure everyone gets enough time to get dedicated, free personal support on the spot. Some partners came with a whole list of complex questions, others came with an important prospect, and there was enough time to cover both technical and business topics. 

4. Different forms of cooperation

Resco CEO Miro Pomsar (far left) with the Avanade team at Resco.next

Resco is open to cooperation of all sorts. For example, this year’s conference had a sponsor for the first time – we had the pleasure to host Avanade as a platinum sponsor. 

If you have your very own conference or would like to attend one together (with a joint booth, for example), please drop us a message at partners@resco.net

We can also organize joint webinars, presentations or prepare co-branded collaterals together. 

5. Sharing is highly valued 

Nicolas Fernandez (Infoavan) delivering his presentation about boosting Resco with Power Platform

This year, we had eight great external partner speakers who shared their success stories, industry insights and practical tips on working with Resco technology. A big thank you goes out to: 

Torsten Harden, Senior Solution Architect and Resco MVP, Sycor 

Nicolas Fernandez, Presales Director, Infoavan 

Nancie Calder, Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Lead, Avanade 

Jens Grambau, Senior CRM Consultant, Avanade

Janko Svetlik, Software Engineering Associate Manager, Accenture

Senna Van Londersele, Consultant, Cloud Innovation 

Jonathan Taub, President, Rimrock

Ben Vollmer, Global Dynamics 365 Field Service Director, who shared the stage with Andrew Lorraine (Resco Partner Strategy and Field Service Manager) to talk about the important role of mobility in Field Service.

Read more about their sessions here. 

Sharing knowledge and giving presentations establishes you as an expert in the Resco ecosystem, and doesn’t go unnoticed by us – in fact, it was one of the main criteria we looked at when choosing the winners of the Resco MVP award

6. Learning will become better and faster

As a global company focusing on mobility, we know that access to information anytime from any place is a must for everyone who wants to succeed. That’s why we kept our promise from the last Resco.next conference and this year we launched our Resco Academy. No matter what your time zone or hemisphere is, Resco.academy speeds up your process of getting on the Resco board. Our courses are designed by our learning specialist and hands-on exercises were already tested by our most active partners.  

Are you a newcomer? Gain your skills in our first released course “Woodford Basics”. More courses and certifications are coming soon – so stay tuned and brush up your learning skills. 


What were your main takeaways? Which partner session did you enjoy the most? 

Let me know via LinkedIn.