6 Lessons learned from our Customers & Partners

Blog posts, support guides, user manuals, demo videos, webinars, phone calls, live demos at conferences…
Just a brief illustration of the almighty communication channels we use to get in touch with you — our customers and partners.
Unlike shoes or pasta, Resco Mobile CRM is not just a product. It’s a complex solution that must be communicated well. And since we give upgrades to the solution every few months, we need to bear in mind that our ‘job’ is to keep our customers & partners always up-to-date with the news. Every activity we do, every workshop or webinar we give, this is our way to share skills & knowledge.
But, did it ever strike you that you use the same channels to give us a real valuable business lessons too?

Here’s our pick of what our customers and partners taught us throughout the years:

  1. A good product alone is not enough

The golden rule that never gets old. Having a marvelously unique product is no guarantee of success. Create a great product with exclusive features, but hire a reluctant support team and watch what happens. Sooner or later, the consequences will sneak up on you.
At Resco, we truly have a tiny team of support guys (three of them – to be precise). Nevertheless, we keep receiving a bulk of positive feedback from our partners and customers. I guess, there is something about ‘quality over quantity’ saying after all!

“I am totally impressed not only with the application but the incredible level of help from the support team. When I run into an issue, I send my question to their generic help email and usually have a detailed AND correct answer in short order.”

“Thank you for this (as always) rapid response. By the way, feedback from the users is highly positive about the Resco app and this has been a very successful component of the overall project. “


  1. Sometimes we forget that we aren’t the only ones who love our product

There is something in the world of marketing called ‘Lovemarks’. Lovemark is what happens when you stop perceiving a company as just a regular organization that sells products. Long story short, according to Saatchi & Saatchi,“Lovemarks thinking is the unique way we look at the relationships people have with products and services”. And we are thrilled to see that Resco can be a Lovemark to someone.

“RESCO is the best, bar none! I have worked with RESCO Mobile for the past 2.5 years and it’s awesome. The configurability is amazing and I have done incredible demos showing off the power of this toolkit. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

“Best MS CRM mobile app: I’ve reviewed several solutions for mobile. Resco is the only app that gave us the flexibility and sophistication we need.”


  1. It’s not only about the feedback we are getting it’s about the feedback our partners get

Ever since we introduced Resco Mobile CRM to the market, we knew that each partner we gain becomes an important part of our ecosystem. Partners are the ones who provide the mobile CRM technology to end-customers (alongside their services). And what’s better than a partner that is happy with both, our services and his satisfied customers? See how you can benefit from mobile CRM as our partner.

“We maximized the benefits within a short space of time and have received consistently positive feedback.

The mobile CRM system enables our colleagues on the road to save two hours of working time every day.”


  1. The teaching is a “chain reaction”

You know what they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Don’t expect your users to get familiar with a previously unknown CRM solution right away.  We at Resco are extremely fond of our partners’ interest to learn in order to master our solution. Once they find Resco Mobile CRM easy to use, they can give valuable lessons to their customers — hence get positive feedback faster.

“Our users say that Resco Mobile CRM is very intuitive and simple to use.

For me as an administrator and supervisor, it was also very easy to implement and teach the others how to use it.”


  1. Resco Mobile CRM can be addictive

When you can stop and you don’t want to, and when you want to stop, you can’t…
That could be the only major trap you can fall into when you begin using Resco Mobile CRM. Then you start using it more often, and all of the sudden often becomes all the time. And well, you know the rest.

“My sales staff was really getting impatient because they couldn’t use the Resco app. Thanks again for a super tool.”

– customer after receiving a notification that Resco released an iOS 8 compatible version

  1. Meetings, events and conferences have a real value

This year we managed to organize two successful resco.next conferences. Once it was all over, we put together what we learned while interacting with our customers and partners. This was the time when it really hit us: We actually do things well and our partners and customers give the real meaning to everything we do.

“We chose Resco because you do mobility seriously”

“The entire Resco team is great! Was glad to be there. Keep up the amazing work!”

Learn more about why our customers chose Resco.
If you are still not sure whether going mobile with Resco is a good idea, keep in mind what Josh Herman from the Acxiom Corp once said: “Companies want to get mobile CRM right because it is a personal interaction with their brand and a reflection of the brand, as well.”
As always, we are here to give you all the CRM insights to improve your business at mobilecrm@resco.net

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