Latest tech, insightful discussions and delicious cuisine coming to Microsoft Inspire 2017 with Resco

You probably know the drill – you come to a large conference and during lunch hour you try to fight your way through fellow attendees to a meal. And when you finally manage to find a free seat, the cafeteria is usually so busy that trying to have a focused conversation with a colleague, prospect, or a business partner can be quite difficult. Besides, sometimes the food is not that great either.
So why exactly are we describing the scenery of conference canteens? Because with Resco anyone attending this year’s Microsoft Inspire (July 9-13, in Washington D.C.) can enjoy a delicious meal and insightful discussions in an informal environment. In the upcoming days we will be introducing Eat with Resco – an app created exclusively for the event, which you can use to book a meeting with our team in the relaxed atmosphere of the Fado Irish Pub, located nearby the convention center.
After all, Inspire is a great opportunity not only to meet up, but also for partners to get hands on with the latest additions to our lineup. And Eat with Resco is built on Resco Consumer Apps for Retail – a ready-made app template with its design, schema and source code available as a starting point. Partners can learn from the template and easily modify it to deliver consumer-focused apps for their clients.
Furthermore, the use of the template is not limited only to foodservice industry but can be extended to countless retail scenarios: Customers can effortlessly choose a product or service from the listing available in the app. The company will immediately receive the order in their CRM, which they can then accept and continuously share information on the order’s status with the customer.

Eat with Resco

As we found out ourselves, catching a break outside of the convention center is quite a refreshing experience. So before you hit the road to Washington this July, don’t forget to search your app store for “Eat with Resco” and reserve a meeting with our team over delicious meals and drinks, at the local Fado Irish Pub – free of charge, it’s on us!
1. On the Home screen of the app start creating your reservation by tapping the “Let’s start” button or the cutlery icon in the upper menu.
2. Check out the offering of burgers, salads, beers and soft drinks and select whichever you like by clicking on the orange “Add to cart” icon.
3. After you’ve chosen your meals and drinks click the “Cart” icon in the top right corner of the screen to review your order. Fill out your contact information, select the date and time that suits you the best and submit your reservation.
4. Afterwards, you will receive an e-mail from us, confirming your reservation. In the meantime, in the app’s “Contact” section you will find the all instructions and information that will help you get to the Fado Irish Pub hassle-free. We look forward to meeting you there 🙂
Stay tuned to, our newsletter and our social media channels where we will let you know as soon as the app becomes available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

Retail, field service and more…

Just like our CityWatch app template for municipalities, Resco Consumer Apps for Retail are built on Resco Mobile CRM’s technology, hence the applications can be easily synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or Resco Cloud. The templates can be used right away, without any extensive configuration, or further modified to fit one-of-a-kind usage scenarios. Fully functional even offline and enabling faster direct interactions between businesses and their customers.
For more details on Resco Consumer Apps please visit or ask us at

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