It is 2020, are you still in love with your CRM system?

Raise your hand, if you´ve ever been asked that question:
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Yeah, THAT popular question. Then, it would be even more ridiculous for me to ask you where on earth do you see your CRM system in 5 years. Or would it…?
The question breaking the surface here is whether the CRM system will even exist in the near future or not. And if so, will I be using it? Will I be needing it?
No one can say. The CRM of 2015 is already well advanced and officially unbound of that “Glorified Rolodex” status quo. A business software that manages content neatly, integrates with your email and tracks all your sales activities, all thrown in some pipeline visualizations and a dashboard – this is what we are used to.
Everyone can benefit from a good CRM system. CRM of 2015, 2016 or 2020. Nextweb even pointed out that CRM could lead the way of innovation for business apps. There are couple of predictions on how the technology might remodel the way we think of CRM nowadays:


Imagine, you are able to see a visualization of your entire sales pipeline and its status, projected from your phone. Hologram is the thing that can take mobility in CRM even a stage further.
Cool fact: It could also replace the projector during meetings!

Augmented reality

Contact lenses with a built-in camera? That has already taken on a challenge in 2015. Can you begin to picture what could augmented reality bring on by 2020? CRM enthusiasts could benefit from it using data live stream to their phones, for instance.
Cool fact: If you are selling a physical product, with augmented reality you might be able to show your customers what a product will look like in their home before they purchase.

Huge data

Because nobody falls off the chair about the “big data” anymore. Huge data stands better for enormous amount of information collected about us and our online activities. So, how can huge data enrich CRM?
Well, at best, it could use previous interactions to predict your customers’ needs. Capture not only what they need, but when they need it and what’s the best way to bring it to them.
Cool fact: here’s the sample scenario – your customer owns a pair of running shoes from your company along with a health app to track his movement. You know the shoes designed by you will last him for 500 kilometers. Now, when he reaches the kilometer 490, he could be easily notified of the need of a new pair. Those would be delivered to the address stored on record. No need of drastic human intervention in the process.

Virtual Assistants

Have you heard? All the Siris, Cortanas or Google Nows are about to become less robotic.
By 2020, your dear assistant could effectively rifle through all the huge data in a snap. It will recognize what you are asking for by both, the tone and the context.
Cool fact: If you ask your CRM system, if it can pull up the three largest accounts due for a renewal at the end of the quarter, guess what will happen. Nothing. But try to do the same in 5 years. The capabilities of your CRM might always surprise you.


The fact is, many companies are now trying to find novel ways to use technologies like Wearables or Internet of Things to do business. It is not only mobile that will continue to change the way companies crunch data and serve customers. The Wearables are not a hype anymore, they are here to stay.
Cool fact: With smartwatches, smartglasses or a smart helmet, you will manage to systematically identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling just by the look at your watch.  You will literally carry all the details about your relations on your wrist or a head. (Hope that doesn’t scare you off.)
If these apprehensions come true, at this day, 5 years from now, I dare to say, you will still totally be in love with your CRM system.

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