Introducing Resco Cloud

Resco Cloud is the perfect fit for sales reps, service technicians, and other workers, who require constant access to their CRM data.
So what exactly is – Resco Cloud?

Resco Cloud provides customer relationship management solutions. It encompasses not only the technological aspect but also the processes of running your business – Sales, Field Service, and Consumer Apps
Your business can operate in various environments
Whether you’re at the office, using your desktop, or in the field – using your mobile devices. Resco Cloud offers this flexibility in all processes for desktop & mobile devices:
So how is Resco Cloud different from the normal stigma of “Cloud Solutions”?
Well, for starters it’s more than just having your “data in the cloud” because “It’s a cloud-first, mobile-first world.”
It’s about being mobile with your data, taking your work with you, wherever you go – with no limitations. Resco began to see over a long period of time that it’s not solely about a product anymore. It’s about offering more of an “all-around solution”. Finding a solution to your problems when you face certain processes in different sectors of your organization – clarity & organization. Being able to offer an easy-to-use, with little to no training in a product among your teams. And lastly, a solution to your problems about not being only chained to your desk, a solution that offers you both at the office and mobile solutions.
You might find yourself asking these very same questions when it comes to your business and how it operates:
Is your sales team on the road, visiting clients? Doing

Mobile Sales, Sales Force Automation might be what you need.

Tired of carrying papers, pens & manuals to that work site? Planning service activities not effective?

Field Service might be what you need.


A restaurant owner? In Real Estate? Public Services? Want to  create your own app? Do you have external non-CRM users?

Consumer Apps might be what you need.

Is your data safe in the cloud & offline on your devices?
Device Security Management is something you definitely need.
Is your team utilizing your solution effectively? Tired of purchasing software/solutions that are difficult to use? Are people having a hard time adapting? What to increase employee productivity?

Mobile Audit/Analytics might be what you need.
Do you need to route your team? Plan your trips to those meetings? Tired of juggling between devices?

Route Planning might be what you need.
Can I work anywhere, anytime without any internet connectivity?

True Offline mobility might be what you need.
Resco Cloud on its own will help make your business run like a well-oiled machine. Enabling proper organization, workflows, data insights, and more. However, it can go beyond that. It also allows you to simply integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and other backend systems – without any middleware or third-party solutions. It combines all your CRM features with a high-level of security & auditing with the capabilities of mobile devices to create a perfect tool for everyday use on the go.
If you have any questions, would like any product or demo information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at:

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