Integration of SAP ERP and Resco Mobile CRM


It is estimated that almost 75% of all business transactions come in contact with the SAP system. That’s why Resco has introduced a convenient update for their users that use SAP ERP and still want to be mobile. First, let’s talk basics.

What is SAP ERP?

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution that provides an integrated environment for companies to run their business processes, accounting, sales, HR or payments. It ensures the information flow between its components without needing redundant data entries and provides effective utilization for company resources.

What is Resco Mobile CRM?

Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile application that provides portable access to a customer’s Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other backend systems. This fully customizable mobile app provides a secure, seamless way to work with the data offline and online. It is a perfect tool for mobile productivity while enabling the user to automate the business process.

What is Scribe Online and how does it help integrate these two powerful tools?

Scribe Online is a cloud-based platform that enables the integration of the applications, data services, systems and databases, including CRM and ERP. By using this platform, SAP ERP has been integrated with Resco Mobile CRM. This integration provides benefits for users of SAP that need to be on the move.
Resco CRM Connector is currently available on Scribe Online with no need to install the Scribe On-Premise Agent.


The user is able to import the Customers from SAP as Accounts into Resco Mobile CRM. Likewise, user can import Materials from SAP as Products into Resco Mobile CRM. The user can view all additional information such as address or location for the imported accounts and is able to edit it and work with it in the Resco Mobile CRM app.
We can divide the whole functionality into 5 different steps:

Create Default Pricelist

This step is executed in case there isn’t a default pricelist. The app will create an empty pricelist with a currency for the newly created Organization. In case the Organization has been created with demo data, this demo data need to be erased.

Create Resources

In this step, the app looks for all its users and assigns them as Resources to the newly created Organization. As Resources these users can now be assigned to the specific work orders.

Import Customers

Customers from SAP are imported as Accounts into Resco CRM.  The customer data is imported as a part of the accounts, i.e. the name, telephone, address.

Import Materials

The list of Materials is imported in this step from SAP into Resco CRM as Products.

Create Product Pricelist Items

Each imported Product is associated with the Default Pricelist.
After this, the Resco Mobile CRM user is able to work with his SAP data and manage work orders on the move in Resco Mobile CRM.

Is that all?

From the new features we are currently developing, we’d like to mention the import of SAP generated incidents into Resco Mobile CRM. Likewise, the generation of Quotas/Invoices will be implemented later.
Both Resco Mobile CRM and SAP ERP are two very powerful tools and you can be sure that there will be more functionality coming later. To learn more in the future and to be notified about new features make sure to follow our blog.