Integrating MailerLite, GetResponse and MailChimp with Resco Cloud

Resco Cloud’s marketing module consists of 2 parts. An external marketing service and its integration with the Resco Cloud server. We decided for this approach, because we believe that it is more effective to utilize a mature external service with extensive marketing functionality than to develop a new marketing service from scratch.
A year ago, we started with MailChimp. We consider MailChimp a powerful marketing tool and a very good starting point as most of our partners are successfully using this service.
But even though MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform, we realize it doesn’t have to fit the marketing needs of all our customers and partners. One of the most considerable roadblocks of this service is its strict anti-spam policy. MailChimp is a very good choice if you are starting your business and you are building a database of your potential contacts and leads – a fresh start, so to speak. In this case, you can easily use MailChimp’s mechanism to verify your subscribers.
However, in case you have an existing business with a number of customers who are willing to receive your marketing communication, MailChimp’s anti-spam policy can be an issue. For example, things you might have to overcome when being in this position are:

  • Having to re-send invitations to all your subscribers to opt-in to the MailChimp list (even though you’ve already had them go through an initial opt-in phase)
  • You’ll have to create a general sign-up page that you can pass the link on in an e-blast
  • You’ll likely have to group your subscribers once again

Because of such scenarios we decided to support 3 different (but similarly powerful) marketing services:

  • MailChimp – an e-mail marketing service used by over 15 million customers to create and send marketing communication, automated messages and targeted campaigns
  • MailerLite – a bit of a younger service with almost 500 000 customers and just as powerful in terms of functionality as MailChimp is
  • GetResponse – a complex all-in-one online marketing platform offering not only email marketing but also webinars, web event tracking, etc.; currently with 320 000 customers

Compared to MailChimp, MailerLite and GetResponse may not be the leading products on the market, but they are well-known and powerful services for e-mail automation as well.
We, internally decided to use MailerLite. It seems to be easier-to-use and powerful enough for our marketing purposes and serves as a clearer approach for making things easy to implement without creating more work in our everyday workflows.

How can you benefit from the marketing module?

Resco Cloud’s marketing module can automate your email communication with your business partners. Allows you to define the list of recipients (CRM contacts, leads, accounts) and export it into your preferred marketing service (MailChimp, MailerLite, GetResponse).
In the environment of the service, you can prepare your e-mail campaign and instantly send it to the recipients on your marketing list, or schedule when it should be sent.
Subsequently, you can import a campaign report, which gives you a comprehensive overview of how many recipients have received and read your offer. You can view, contact by contact, who has been most interested in your offer and you will see which specific part of your message caught their eye.
Such information can help you focus on specific people and prepare a tailored offer for them, based on their interests. Which will lead to improved marketing conversions.
On Resco Wiki you can get more detailed information on how to utilize the marketing module in Resco Cloud.

Best Practices

Marketing services supported by Resco Cloud each have more/less strict anti-spam rules. When preparing a marketing campaign, you should keep in mind, that spam negatively impacts deliverability rates. Therefore, it’s very important to adhere to general anti-spam standards and laws.
Also keep in mind, that even if you’re not residing in a particular country, servers may be located there. And therefore, they must make sure that the legal standards of that particular country are upheld.
You can find general anti-spam requirements and list of legal requirements sorted by country here.

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