Installing Mango on Samsung Omnia 7

Installing Mango on current Windows Phone devices is a true hassle! It takes some time (at least 4 hours), depending on your internet connection and computer speed. We decided to share our experience with installing Mango if you decide to undergo this whole process.
We installed Mango on a Samsung Omnia 7 device. Please bear in mind that if you have another type of device this might not work for you:) because some of the steps may vary. There are a lot of instructions online that might help you with other type of devices.
We are going to install latest (almost final) version of Mango called RTM 7720. Microsoft claims that it brings over 1000 of improvements. So far we noticed the multitasking and the task manager which enables you to manage 5 last running applications. Another improvement is faster access to all applications and tools in start menu by tapping the first letter of the applications name.
1. The device has to be application unlocked for development (you have to install some of the applications that are not officially available on the Marketplace).
2. First of all you have to ensure that you have the latest version of the NoDo update which is available here.

3. You also have to download latest version of Microsoft Zune software.
4. Now you have to download Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta2 from this website. If you already have Beta1 you will have to uninstall it first.
5. Now you have to download new_sms_unlock.xap file and wp7roottools_0.5_alpha.xap.
6. Run the Application Deployment which can be found under Windows Phone Developer Tools. Choose Windows Phone Device and deploy recently downloaded xap files to your device. They will be installed automatically.
7. Install the Diagnosis application onto your device by simply dialing the code ##634# on the phone application. This will add the Diagnosis shortcut to the start menu.
8. Run the WP7 Root Tools. Switch to the Explorer tab and create a new folder “provxml” in your root folder (it shouldn’t be placed in any other folder). While in the Explorer tab, navigate to Applications/Install, open the folder with “D19A80F2-1717…”, find the file “unlock.xml” and copy it to the recently created “provxml” folder. Exit the WP7 Root tools by tapping the exit button to save the changes.
9. Run the Diagnosis application and dial the code *#9908#. Make sure that there is unlock.xml option. Just check it but don’t choose anything and close the application.
10. Download the, unpack and run while the device is connected. It will backup the current state of your phone so you can revert the Mango update in case the installation will go wrong.

11. Now you have to download the special version of Zune for the Mange Beta2 installation. The file that you need is available here. Install it:)
12. Synchronize your device with the new Zune installation, go to > settings > phone > update and apply the latest update available. After the successful update, go to > settings > phone > update and apply the latest update available again:)

13. Download and unpack this file. Uninstall the current Zune version (Beta that you installed previously) and install the Zune version that is included in the packed folder. Copy another folder called “RCToRTM” directly to C:.
14. Connect your device to PC and close the Zune that will start automatically. Go to C:/RCToRTM folder and run the ISVTo7720.bat as administrator. Several updates will be installed and your device may restart couple of times.
15. Voilà we have a Samsung Omnia 7 running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

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