One task at a time: Resco Inspections brings unique experiences for entire teams

Resco Inspections on phone, desktop, and wearables

Resco Inspections is a universal tool for field teams. With dedicated functionality for managers, workers, and upcoming customer features, the solution provides a variety of options.

Handling a task, you’ll come across various individual components dedicated to different actions. What are they and how to get the best from them? Let’s take a closer look at how Inspections helps field professionals in different roles fulfill tasks accurately and efficiently.

Managers’ tools

For managers, supervisors, and team leaders, there is a pack of features suited for a task’s oversight and management needs. Resco Inspections makes it is easy to:

  • Create efficient workflows, track your team’s progress and location
  • Improve safety and make better decisions thanks to unified data collection
  • Save time and digitize all paperwork
  • See field workers’ results and progress in real-time

Here are the tools enabling it:

Manager’s Experience

Manager’s Experience interface is your personalized control center. Manage your team, see all data, and browse through reports. And you can fully adapt it to your needs. In Woodford, you can choose what you want to see in your menus or views. This way, managers can get a detailed and consistent overview of their field teams’ tasks, progress, and results.

Learn more about Manager’s Experience.

Schedule Board

With Schedule Board, assigning jobs and forms to your technicians becomes comfortable and fast. A simple drag-drop-drop user interface is easy to operate. And there are many possibilities to manage individual resources. You can schedule individual tasks manually or use scheduling rules and automation. Entire daily schedules can be generated automatically without extensive manual effort.

Learn more about Schedule Board.

Result Viewer

Another tool helping managers to effectively get through the day is the Result Viewer. It allows you to see all filled out forms one by one or related groups, filter them by date, score, template used, and countless other parameters. It also provides a real-time connection with technicians in the field. All forms get synced immediately after they are completed in the mobile app.

Learn more about Result Viewer.

Technicians’ tools

The Inspections app will become the go-to tool for your field staff. Filling out forms will be more enjoyable, knowing the app helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes and re-writes. And that’s just the beginning. With the Inspections mobile app, workers are able to:

  • Perform inspections and organize work
  • Generate and share reports immediately after completing forms
  • Get more done and avoid mistakes with smart forms
  • Use the app as a guide, access documentation, consult with colleagues over AR calls

These are the tools enabling it:

Mobile form templates

For workers operating outside of the office, there is a set of ready-to-use templates for various scenarios. Technicians can use them for different tasks they are working on, from preventive equipment maintenance to property inspection and more. A predefined set of questions helps them complete the task in the proper order and eliminate mistakes.

Learn more about ready-to-use templates.

Mobile reports

One of the key advantages for field workers with the Resco Inspections app comes from the ability to create reports directly on-site. There’s no need to get back to the office and report to manager. Reports are generated directly in the Inspections application, even in offline mode. This allows technicians to instantly create and share an invoice or a service report with the customer and save it to a CRM record at the same time.

Learn more about mobile reports.

Legally-binding signatures

Inspections app integrates digital transaction platform DocuSign to add electronic signatures directly in the app. It enables users to send, sign, and manage legally-binding documents. Files can be easily uploaded, sent to sign, and then automatically saved. You can get rid of slow and impractical to store paper documents once and for all.

Learn more about legally-binding e-signatures.

Customers’ experience

Inspections will soon offer new functionality for customers, enabling a direct connection between them and the service providers using Resco Inspections. Through the Customer Portal, users will be able to describe the issue and book an appointment. All without the need of prolonged calls or paperwork.

This will make communication more efficient for all users. For managers and technicians, this will eliminate unnecessary steps in the way of solving customers’ issues. You can look forward to the new customer portal in 2021.

Organize your field work with Resco Inspections

From managers to field technicians, there is a bunch of features for everyone in Resco Inspections.

Allow your teams to work more efficiently no matter their environment and workload. Start your free trial of Resco Inspections and see what it can bring to your operation.

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