Inspections for Industry Verticals: Overview of out-of-the-box templates for manufacturing, energy & property maintenance


A week ago, we launched our new solution – Inspections for Industry Verticals. As we revealed, it comes with several predefined questionnaire templates for manufacturing, energy, and property maintenance process.
There’s 9 brand-new templates available out-of-the-box at the moment. And today we want to show you where exactly can you find them, what they look like, and how can you use and even customize them.
To start, visit the main Inspections for Verticals product page or either of our Manufacturing, Energy, Property Maintenance use case pages. Hit “Start your free trial”, follow the simple instructions to create your Inspections organization, and then access it with your credentials.
Once you’ve logged in, open the Questionnaire Designer from the main Inspections console.
In the Designer you’ll immediately notice three new folders – Manufacturing, Energy, Property Maintenance – that contain the new questionnaire templates, three for each industry.
These templates showcase the possibilities of the Designer with a wide range of questions and business logic. The questionnaires can be used straight out-of-the-box, or as a starting point for further customization to fit your specific processes.
To tailor them or even create entirely new questionnaires you can utilize all Resco Inspections capabilities, including the latest improvements from our Spring Update 2020. But let’s now take a closer look directly at the new templates.


The first among the Manufacturing templates is the Equipment Maintenance Checklist. It offers an essential a guideline for equipment maintenance processes.
Next up comes the Health and Safety Assessment, which is a form that that helps field inspectors identify hazards that can negatively impact the workers and the business.
Finally, the Quality Assurance Assessment enables to evaluate quality assurance practices applied throughout the manufacturing process.


The Maintenance Manual describes the maintenance procedures required to complete during a wind turbine service visit.
The second template in the Energy folder is OSH Risks, which helps to maintain occupational safety and prevent health risks for on-site workers in the wind energy sector.
And you can also utilize the Wind Turbine Generator Checklist to streamline the maintenance of heavy-duty equipment, such as turbine power generators.

Property Maintenance

The Asbestos Safety Checklist can be utilized by site inspectors to securely and efficiently handle asbestos-contaminated materials.
For a general property health, safety, and wealth risk assessment make sure to check out the default Property Inspection.
Last but not least the Tenant Move-In/Out Checklist helps property managers to comprehensively review site conditions before and after every tenant change.
You can start using all of these templates instantly. Simply open the Resco Inspections app on your mobile device, log in with your credentials, and your new questionnaires will immediately appear in the Templates section, ready to go.
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Happy inspecting!

If you’d like to learn more about the solution, please check out the Inspections for Verticals product page or either of our Manufacturing, Energy, Property Maintenance use case pages.
Do you have a suggestion on a template we should be adding next? We’re planning to add more continuously, so don’t hesitate and let us know your suggestions and ideas at mobilecrm@resco.net.