HTML5 Extensions in Resco Mobile CRM and Woodford 6.2 – A Proof of Concept

As a true Resco enthusiast, I was excited when they released the spring upgrade for their Mobile CRM in early April. The new HTML5 Extension feature accessible through its standard design and configuration tool Woodford challenged me in particular. I could hardly wait to get back to work from my Easter vacation and start doing a proof of concept of this new functionality.
What I did was duplicating a matrix report I programmed earlier for CRM 2011. This report, available in online as well as Outlook offline mode, presents sales information for a particular customer. It shows monthly sales over the past 4 years grouped by product family with a total column for each year. To realize this, I used an HTML page, jQuery, jqGrid, images and some CSS.
I started the project copying the CRM 2011 web resources and I assumed I would need to substitute just the data access portion of the code, nothing else – and that actually was it!
Neither CRM 2011 nor Resco Mobile CRM’s Java Script Bridge (JSBridge.js) contain a functionality that would allow me to get a Matrix Report result directly through the Fetch Query. Therefore, I need to execute two read cycles, the first for the columns and the second for the report rows. Once the data is available, I just build up the result array and then initialize the jqGrid. The JSON data type returned by the Fetch functionality of JSBridge was of great help here.
Well, a lot of computing cycles to run through, but the result was very satisfying from a performance and the look and feel perspective. To elaborate about 2000 rows of data and present it in the Grid takes 3 seconds on an iPad 2 device, less than 2 seconds using the Windows 7 Tablet Edition of Resco Mobile CRM, remarkable, isn’t it?
Matrix report elaborated on the client using local data
Fig. 1. Matrix report elaborated on the client (iPad 2) using local data.
Note that the right pane with the result can be magnified to full screen, the grid is scrollable with frozen headers and columns and allows column sorting, cute, right? And don’t forget: it works on iPad/iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet, Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 and Tablet Edition without changing a line of code, amazing!
My proof of concept was a big success. I am convinced that now we can build whatever customization needed to complete the functionalities of Resco Mobile CRM using this HTML5 Extension tool. I imagine use cases like process driven tasks, reporting based on local data and complex data entry like quotes, orders or configurators.
From my point of view, the necessity to use Resco Mobile CRM Studio for complex customizations is decreasing dramatically thanks to this new HTML5 Extension built into the standard app and Woodford.
Great job Resco Team!

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