How to use Resco CRM, part 3 — get to know the web browser client

Most recently, we talked about how to apply Resco CRM in your company. We got a glance at its mobile client, but there is so much more to the whole software that makes it valuable.   
Now, it’s the time to get familiar with another part of the solution — the browser client.

How can desktop users benefit from Resco CRM?

Last time, we briefly outlined the usage possibilities of Resco CRM. We described how Resco CRM comes in handy for mobile users. Their activities require mobile CRM access, hence Resco CRM’s mobile app works well for them.   
Let’s move onto the standard users. Although mobility is not decisive for them,.they still need an easily manageable desktop client that offers flawless user experience.
Resco CRM offers just that — a browser client that looks sleek and works intuitively. Users can easily access and work with their CRM data, exchange information and gather insights on their customers.
Moreover, if they do opt for using a mobile client (either occasionally or on a regular basis), they are in for a pleasant surprise — Resco CRM mobile clients look the same as the browser client, so the learning curve​ when adopting a new system is basically non-existent.
When you start working with Resco CRM web client, the company can save on expenses just as much as with every mobile user of Resco CRM.
The web client is composed of:
Home – list of shortcuts to your customers, contacts, and leads
View – list of records such as customers, contacts, deals etc.
Form – detailed information about the selected record from the view
All the changes and configurations you need to make in the web client can be easily done in the management console. It is the notable part of cloud-based Resco CRM server.

What can system admins do in the management console?

  •    import and manage data
  •    edit entities like a contact, an account or a deal
  •    localize the whole application
  •    use client-based rules
  • and more…

The autumn release of Resco CRM brought some updates to the Web client. Most remarkable one is the Email Integration.
From now on, every user can manage his/her email communication within the browser client. Gmail and Exchange is natively integrated with the server, so everyone can work with messages and create contacts or accounts (or other types of records) straight from them.
Get a closer look at the new additions to Resco CRM  on our website.
We’ll be happy to tell you more about the web client or Resco CRM in general. Contact us at
The story of Resco CRM with its usage and functionalities continues. Next week, we will learn more about what it is like to work with your Gmail and Exchange in Resco CRM.
Note:  To try Resco CRM web client, get a free trial here

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