How to use Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We created Resco Mobile CRM as a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But did you know that we have also developed our own CRM solution? Resco Mobile CRM as you know it has now its own server and together with the application, it is called Resco CRM.

Why did we create Resco CRM in the first place?

Resco CRM puts forward a brand new way to benefit from mobility – a way to provide more options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users. So far, the direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been the biggest benefit for a user of Resco Mobile CRM.  But, from now on your firm can use Resco CRM (with its own server) alongside with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and save some costs while doing so. We can provide a connector between Resco CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so the systems can be synchronized and users can exchange the data easily.
The mobile workers such as sales & service guys are not looking for a robust CRM system. The core of their need is a reliable mobile solution. They use a CRM system to work with opportunities, track the communication and look up account and contact information. And this is what Resco CRM is great at doing.
In practice, an organization could save big on costs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses for the mobile workers that actually don’t need it.

Now, let’s zoom in at the actual user. How can he benefit from using Resco CRM instead of MS Dynamics CRM?

tablet-icon Same user interface on all devices

Everything looks the same, no matter when working from PC, phone or tablet

globe-icon Mobility with offline capabilities

Resco CRM has a browser client as well as mobile clients, so it combines CRM and mobility in one

tools-icon No more switching between multiple tools

Email, CRM and our tool for assigning licenses are now all incorporated in Resco CRM

banknote-icon & Cost-effectiveness

Hadn’t we been already all MS Dynamics CRM users, at least 1/3 of us could have just used Resco CRM instead

Once we had an idea, we realized the benefits…But how does it work in real life?

We conducted a little experiment at Resco. We actually started using Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is currently our CRM system. Part of our team (salesmen) switched completely to Resco CRM and it’s been working out great for them so far.

“Switching from Dynamics CRM to Resco CRM only for sales and support team enabled us to combine 3 different systems (Dynamics CRM, Licensing Console and Outlook) into one single tool, which makes our daily jobs more efficient as we don’t have to switch between multiple tools.”  Maroš Hajtas, Head of Sales at Resco

Stay with us for more information about the use case of Resco CRM & MS Dynamics CRM. Next time, we will specify the licensing possibilities of the whole process that can be applied in your company. We will also talk more about the technical details on how the setup looks like or discover much more about the “behind the scenes” story of using Resco CRM at Resco.
In the meantime, feel free to contact us to get more insights about Resco CRM:

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