How to use Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, part 2

The biggest benefit for a user of Resco Mobile CRM is the direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
A while back we talked about how Resco CRM provides more options to get the best out of its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today, we will go through two possible use cases on how to deploy CRM systems within your company (and save on costs while doing so).

1.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM server + Resco Mobile CRM (common use case)

We are talking about the most likely case on how your organization implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM server and uses benefits from mobility with Resco now.
The scheme outlines how Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is deployed throughout your entire organization. The server is available for all the standard users. A standard user is the one that is not necessarily seeking mobility, but runs CRM server daily for marketing or business intelligence purposes.
A bunch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM users are also mobile users (sales reps and field technicians). They use Resco CRM application that is directly synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics server.
How does a regular day of a service technician look like then?
The service technician turns on his Resco Mobile CRM app the first thing in the morning (Resco Mobile CRM to him is something like a Facebook to a teenager). Does he look up the information for his daily work in Microsoft Dynamics CRM server as a standard user? Nope. He opens the app, plans his route for the day, manages his field service operations and records everything he does into his Resco Mobile CRM app.
The fact is, he is always on the road, and thus he does not really need advanced features that are built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. Ultimately, he doesn’t have to own a license for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a company is paying for something it doesn’t need at all.

2.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM server + Resco CRM server (alternative cost-effective   use case)

The second picture shows that there is more than one ultimate option how your firm can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM alongside with other CRM solution. Let’s suppose that we can alternate the architecture of how more CRM solutions are connected within one organization.
MSDynCRM and RescoCRM
Revealing the news…Microsoft Dynamics CRM works great in parallel with Resco CRM.
And this is how to stop paying extra for mobility
Your company would still get licenses for the users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But only for those who truly need them. Alternative usage of mobile CRM still requires BI analysts and marketers to use Microsoft Dynamics server, or other users that don’t need mobility at all. The mobile users, on the other hand, can now work with Resco CRM server.
The connector in between the two CRM systems allows the synchronization of data. It is important to note that the general data each worker needs to access daily are saved in both systems. Resco CRM connector ensures that both servers carry up-to-date data.
The mobile app, that is the core of Resco CRM server, is simply synchronized with Resco CRM server (as displayed on the picture above). From the point of view of licensing, the mobile users are users of Resco CRM with no need to access Dynamics CRM at all. The others (standard users) are Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.
Why even bother with the alternative usage?
Implementation of Resco CRM alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM in one organization shows how uncomplicated it is to integrate Resco CRM with any CRM system—even with another system apart from Microsoft Dynamics CRM (e.g. Oracle’s Siebel CRM, SAP…). The integration to those systems isn’t done directly but through Resco CRM server. This opens a new door for other CRM or non-CRM systems (such as ERP…) that are worth considering if you offer Resco Mobile CRM as our partner.
In conclusion – this is the best way to move Resco CRM into other dimensions, apart from Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem.
This is the second part of the new use case of Resco CRM & Microsoft Dynamics CRM. And we are just getting started! Keep on track and follow our blog on weekly updates about how to apply Resco CRM in your company. Next time we will look closely into the architecture of Resco CRM server. Who and how can benefit from its web browser client?
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