How to set up and utilize Global Search in Resco Mobile CRM

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The Winter release of Resco’s mobile client (version 10.3+) brought a few new features together with the possibility to perform global searching.
Global search allows the user to search through the records of all or selected entities that he/she has access to – without the need to open one specific entity and use that entity’s search bar.
To enable Global search, use Woodford to add the search bar to the app’s Home section and choose which entities and views will be searched through. To pick entities and views for searching, double-click on the Search in the Home section or hit Properties when the item is selected.
Global search is not an incremental search, you must write the desired text into the Search bar and hit “Enter” to search for it. If you are not sure where in the subject (the ID of the record) the word you’re looking for is located, it is necessary to use the star symbol with the searched text (eg. *Smith).

 Global search tips & tricks

Specify the entity you want to search through

Global search allows users to specify where to search for desired records. In other words, it is possible to define which entities will be used for searching. This can be achieved by writing the !entityname string before the actual text that is going to be searched for.
Note: When defining the entity for searching, please use logical names of the entities. Do not use the names of entities written in the Home section. For searching opportunities use !opty instead of using the longer !opportunity and !email in all languages for searching the E-mail entity.

Make Global search clearer with color-coded views

To make the outcome of searching clearer and be sure which record belongs to which entity, we recommend creating a color-coded view (e.g. accounts will be blue, contacts yellow, etc.). This color-coded view will be hidden and only used for the Global search function.
Set it up step-by-step:
1. Create a new hidden View for the entity you want to use for global search. Make sure that this view is set to hidden in the View selector. It will only be used for Global search purposes.
2. Create a new row template and change its background color.
3. Assign the new row template to template index so it will be used for the entity (in our example accounts) when displayed among Global search results.
4. Choose this view in Search on Home.
5. Repeat the process for all the entities you want to color-code in the search outcome. When finished, don’t forget to publish your project.
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