Jedi Master Plan – How to Elevate the Customer Experience with Mobile CRM (Infographic)

Do You Have What It Takes to Awaken Your (Work) Force?

Once upon a time, there lived a generation of ‘Wisdom Masters’, known as the Jedi.
When Star Wars Jedi Masters were fighting the Dark Side – rather than fist fights & knockouts, they brought a force of wisdom into play. In order to win, they would always come up with a slick plan to save themselves from the enemies. If you run a business, you know that using force of wisdom pays off well, when trying to connect with your customers to prevent them from having a bad experience with you.
Customers are like young Jedis. A good customer experience with your company can let you gain their trust whereas, a bad one can turn them against you (take them to the “dark side”). Customer experience must you save from the dark side.
In this infographic, we put together a Jedi-inspired Master Plan to help you enhance the experience your customer has with your brand, products, services, and a company; when using Mobile CRM.
1.Keep Your Eye on Enterprise Mobility
With an increased investment in mobility in enterprises today, statistics prove that this will be an on-going increasing trend. Therefore, offering a solution that is compatible with your strategy, user experience, and ultimately increasing productivity with easy user adoption is definitely the goal! Enterprises are investing heavily in these trends, thus, it’s best to offer customizability to sustain the usage for longer periods of time.
2. Understand the Value & Need of CX Technologies in Your Hands
We came to that breaking point when there are more mobile devices in the world than people! What impact will it have on your business? Your customers are swiping their screens on their smartphones and tablets all day long
3. Include Mobile CRM into Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy
Yes, it is critical. We live in an always-on world that is switching from mobile-first to the mobile – only world. Utilize technologies and tools that allow for a complete and unified enterprise mobile strategy. With so many 3rd-party apps to choose from, there is an on-going competition to gain acquisition in your enterprise mobile strategy to enhance your workplace productivity. Making sure you have the most suffice amount of functions, features and customizable abilities will get you on the right track to winning their strategy goals. He who outwins, outlasts, and outplays.
4. Keep Pace with Mobile Technology Trends
Did you know, there was a 731% rise in customer-built apps over 2014? And that the tablet shipments worldwide are growing 70% year-after-year? Staying on top of things, focusing on every new gadget that pops up in the news can be quite difficult to follow.. To help watch the trends, hover around the watercooler from time to time and follow certain topics & discussions that your employees have. Having an overview of a broad spectrum of what’s trendy and what isn’t, often have a massive impact on your business.
Do you use (or consider using) mobile CRM technologies for sales or field service purposes?
For Sales Use Cases
By 2016, 55% of salespeople will access sales apps exclusively through smartphones or tablets
& for Field Service Use Cases
50% of field service businesses have already made their support documents and knowledge base, mobile friendly, and more are making the switch Master the Habits of CX-Obsessed Companies
Deliver a superior customer experience. That’s our goal here, isn’t it? What we often forget about, is to mind the difference between reality and what we believe to be true. Companies that are purely customer-centric actually put the customer experience above all. They believe customer-centric is not just a buzz phrase, but an engagement that creates a two-way communication with customers. To be absolutely positive that your solution is benefiting your employees and in turn, your customers, it would be best to provide a survey within the organization and do some A-B testing to make sure everyone is kosher with what is being used.
5. Offer a Mobile Experience that Keeps Your Customers Coming Back
One of the most frequent mistakes companies do, is spending too much time and resources on attracting new customers. That’s a mistake, of course. Sustaining loyal customers – that should be your main ambition. Regular communication is not enough anymore. We need to provide over-the-top service. Consistently. Try to add a little ‘oomph’ to your CX strategy mix. Lean on personal connection, transparency, and go mobile. Bringing the right mobile customer experience helps to keep your customers engaged.
6. Use CX Metrics & KPIs to Achieve a Mature (& Lasting) CX Strategy

Remember: “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong” – Donald Porter

Never forget to measure. It’s one of the first and the most trivial things we learn in schools. Did the final results meet your expectations? Each business relies on different metrics, although we all have one in common. To prevent the future fails and keep those users coming back, we should use the help of detailed CX metrics program.

Now, Use the Force Like a Jedi!

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