How scanning codes with Resco Mobile CRM can simplify your processes on the go

Barcode scanning speeds up the ordering and search process while minimizing the possibility of human error. These advantages already make it a widely used feature, but there may still be room for finding more possibilities to utilize it. We have prepared a few scenarios where barcode scanning could prove beneficial to you.
Imagine a worker performing machinery maintenance. The machine has a serial number, which he would normally have to enter manually into a form or search bar. But with barcode scanning, not only does it take him just one tap to enter the number, he can also instantly see the list of all related components and their availability. This option could also be used during inspections to determine which spare parts are in short supply and need to be ordered. And after a successful part replacement, the worker can simply scan the barcodes on the boxes to fill in the task form.
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If the products already have barcodes and are related in the CRM, which is often the case, there is nothing easier than just capitalize on this setting. Knowing this, team members can finish their tasks in the field both quickly and precisely. Barcodes can also be printed independently to label just about any item that is a part of the process. This one-time investment can improve maintenance, inspections, or stock management. Should you need more than just an ID number, you can use QR codes, which can contain alphanumeric and binary information. In the past, we have written a blog post on a few tips to boost your Resco Mobile CRM user experience, including using QR codes for quick logins.
Barcode and QR scanning are native features of Resco Mobile CRM, ensuring no additional scanners need to be brought on site. With Resco Mobile CRM, filling out an order form can be pretty straightforward even with bigger orders – the worker can just scan the codes, edit the amounts and hit save. And thanks to the offline support, all scenarios presented in this text can be take place even in areas with no internet connectivity.
At Resco we focus on understanding and improving the processes of our clients. If you’re curious about other ways in which Resco Mobile CRM can enhance your business, schedule a demo today.

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