How Partners Can Benefit From Mobile CRM

Partners (CRM integrators) are important part or our ecosystem. They provide the Mobile CRM technology to end customers together with their services. And they implement the solutions and adjust them based on customers’ needs.
We understand that doing mobile business is a quite complicated stuff and it requires deep technical knowledge and experiences with various mobile usage scenarios. We also realize that many partners can face technical or business-related issues while trying to sell the Mobile CRM to an end customer. And it is obvious that such issues can be a showstopper, if a partner doesn’t have a Mobile CRM experienced staff.
On the other hand, Resco’s staff has enough technical knowledge and has experience with about thousand (literally) Mobile CRM implementations for various customers around the globe. So why not work together to uncover some new opportunities?
There are two simple things you as a partner can try:

1. Upsell

Mobility is a standard. And almost every CRM customer has workers doing their job out of the office. You have to identify them, find out how Mobile CRM can be beneficial and provide a demo how it could work. If you manage everything well, you may have a new opportunity. It all can be much easier for you, if you let us to do the job for you. We can help you to identify the people within the customer organization that would benefit from Mobile CRM. We can find similar customer stories. And we can prepare you for or (if you wish) do the demo for the customer.

2. Win deals thanks to Mobile CRM

In many situations mobility is not just “nice to have”, but it is a crucial part of a CRM project. In such cases, it is important to provide the customer with a highly configurable mobile CRM solution with real offline capabilities. And although every CRM vendor claims that it has such a mobile CRM, the most of them work in online mode only and the quality and configuration capabilities are very poor. We have encountered several cases where a customer decided for Dynamics CRM (over Salesforce or others) mainly because of Resco Mobile CRM. And some of our customers even decided to use Resco Mobile CRM interface instead of the standard Dynamics one.
Don’t wait until an opportunity comes to you. Let’s find it together. If you want to learn more, contact us at

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