How are companies using Resco Inspections?

We’ve officially launched Resco Inspections at the end of January 2019. Since then, numerous companies have introduced the solution into their operations. Let’s now take a closer look at the industries and use cases where Resco customers have utilized Inspections most frequently so far.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Several FMCG-focused companies across Europe are already utilizing Resco Inspections. Specifically, it helps distributors’ sales reps – who are visiting retailers, restaurants, bars, and other establishments – with taking client satisfaction surveys after completing an order. Furthermore, it helps them evaluate promotions and check product availability, visibility, pricing & usage of promotional materials. You can find more details on FMCG inspection use cases also in one of our earlier posts.

Housing and Real estate

Complying with safety regulations and standards is an absolute must for any building – residential, commercial, or otherwise. Within the Housing and Real estate industries, Resco Inspections already helps with real estate diagnostics, occupational risk assessment, and installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Starting by eliminating paper forms and guiding inspectors step by step.


Regular checks and upkeep of equipment ensure that any manufacturing process runs smoothly. Especially when also handling research and development, production, sales, and after-sales to guarantee that only the highest quality service is delivered. And the need for efficient data collection doesn’t stop with machinery maintenance or product quality control, as customers in manufacturing also utilize Inspections to collect customer feedback and insights.

Energy & Professional services

Machine rooms and other facilities where heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy equipment is installed are not famous for their Wi-fi or cellular connection. But those are precisely the places where techs of several clients spend most of their working hours. Luckily, with Resco’s solution, they can work with records and documents from the system even offline. And any updates they make are automatically uploaded when they get back online.


Although it might not be entirely apparent at first sight, data collected from the field is indispensable for financial services organizations as well. Take one of our clients from the insurance sector, for example. A mobile solution empowers its sales agents when closing a deal. But it is also handy for adjusters assessing insurance claims directly on-site – ensuring all required aspects of the claim are properly checked, and the information is provided to the back office immediately.


Not all inspections focus on products, equipment, property, or other material artifacts. Resco Inspections is also used by non-profit foundations to tackle poverty and improve the lives of local communities in multiple developing territories across Africa. Utilized to keep an overview of people and resources, it enables workers to spend less time on administrative tasks and dedicate even more effort to those in need instead.

Resco Inspections: A powerful solution that adapts to you

Resco Inspections offers:

  • A questionnaire designer with a vast array of question types and business logic, that will allow you to bring even hundreds of forms into the digital form with ease
  • Native integration into Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, or an API for integration into other 3rd party solutions
  • A fully customizable Inspector app for your mobile workers, capable of running 100% offline
  • And more!

For more information, visit the Resco Inspections product page where you can also start your free 30-day trial.
Still not sure if Resco Inspections would fit your use case? Contact us at for a live demo, and if you have any technical questions, you can shoot them over to

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