Here is why Resco CRM makes sense

What do Swiss Army Knife, DNA or a Bentley have in common?
Just keep on reading…

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked me, what exactly that CRM system is and how it works. And Mike wasn’t the first & only one.
But my friends were not looking for any handbook or Google definition. And then it hit me. I need to come up with some real-life stuff easy to picture – that our Resco CRM could be compared to.
What does it act like? Does it remind of something we use on a daily basis? Maybe. But what?
Here’s what I did next.

I listed down couple of characteristics that describes Resco CRM the best.
For instance:

  •         A lot of practical solutions made into one product
  •         Manages tons of connections at one place
  •         Stores what is important and valuable
  •         So complex, but simple at the same time
  •         It’s just pretty awesome

Done. Now, this is a cool part. Can you think of any items you normally use that could be described by what’s mentioned above?

Here are some ideas:

Swiss army knife

First thing on my mind was a Swiss army knife. They both are incredibly feature-rich, extremely robust and provided with many functionalities and tools.

Nerve system

A CRM system can serve as a vital nerve center, because it also manages connections and information in a variety of ways.

A storage

Because this is what the storage is good for. To keep the things that are important to us at one central place – where it is safe, but accessible whenever needed.


That’s right. Everyone’s DNA as much as most of the CRM’s are damn complex a.k.a. made out of many things that are linked in some way. But once you study them a bit, you will get the clearer view.

Your car

At Resco, we often like to compare our CRM software to our cars. Why? We love our cars! We take care of them, they save our time and we handle them with a style.
Problem solved. But wait a second…

Now Mike and everyone else can imagine how Resco CRM works better. But he wants to become a user of a CRM software. I mean, all those great sales, tens of bikes every day. A lot of numbers, customers, salespeople…It’s getting a bit out of control.
If you are getting your first CRM, you want it to be the best out of the pack. And that decision is not always an easy feat. When you get a CRM, you can’t just hop in and go speeding around town – just like with a new car (again that car). You should go for a CRM software that makes sense.
In other words…
Go for Resco CRM and these are the 11 reasons why:
I guess, that’s it for now.
Oh and, yeah, you are welcome Mike. Told you that CRM was some pretty neat stuff.
Maybe, it’s about the time to get to know Resco CRM better and start your free trial. 🙂
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