Handle even unexpected situations with Resco Routes’ new Location Monitor

Keeping up with your staff in the field can be a challenging task. Especially, when you have numerous team members covering a vast area. That’s why effective field operations planning starts with reliable, up-to-date information on how your team works outside of the office.
You can then optimize your routes and number of jobs per day. You can re-draw assigned regions to re-distribute workload. You can even justify hiring new staff if necessary. With Resco Routes you can take the guesswork out of the equation.
To do so even more precisely, our Autumn Update introduces a major upgrade to Resco Routes’ Location Monitor. Dispatch managers can now display any number of tracked field staff members on a map and see their location in real time. And that’s just the beginning.
Directly from the Location Monitor, dispatchers can also search for any individual user and zoom in on his/her performance. And with information like real-time travel direction, speed, time of the last stop, and progress throughout the day, they have all the essentials to make truly informed decisions.
But travel isn’t the only thing that can affect the progress of the work. That’s why managers can also see the real-time status of each visit directly from the Location Monitor’s map view. Knowing instantly whether all goes according to the plan, or if any visit might get delayed or even missed. In such cases a prompt reaction is just a look away. With a few simple clicks, the manager can then reassign the visit to a suitable team member who finished early and is available nearby – ensuring that everything runs smoothly, with products and services delivered on time.
Resco Routes Autumn Update will be introduced in full detail on 24-25 October at resco.next 2019, complete with hands-on technical and business sessions, and a special, conference-exclusive surprise. Make sure to register and join us in Rome, where we’ll also celebrate Resco’s 20th anniversary together.
You can find the technical overview of all features from Resco’s Autumn Update 2019 here.
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