We love grammar! (but grammar doesn’t always love us back)

This is the Fun Friday type of post.
I assembled sentences that we, Resco team, produced while writing blog posts, manuals, video scripts and other texts. They were caught just in time, before they went live.
Bear in mind, we’re not native English speakers.

These are our masterpieces

In case of delete, it is possible to delete a product using the Mobile CRM.
Here you can write new URL or set the URL filled in the URL topline.
What?? Something with URL.
If any of your users uses is using an older version of Advantage application.
Users are usually using useful things.
In this section you can also create new folder, where you can import all .zip file, or upload specify files containing offline HTML.
This is just plain wrong. Against the nature even.
Another one example, from many, is the complex Order builder.
Aaaand… I am still in the dark. Maybe two examples would get the idea across. But then again, one good example would do it as well.
You can create some filter by writing down some text…
Some text? Not very scientific.
When you are creating new folder, you can write a name for that folder.
Oh, I am so glad you’re giving me that option. But I don’t think I needed the explanation. After seeing the empty name field, I think I would have figured it out by myself.
Dedicated customer supportM@rtin77.
Now, this seems like a blunder. Have it not been our website!!
Long story short: Our web designer was updating the Resco site and decided to start Skype in-between. The result? His password made in onto the website (I hope he has changed it by now. If not – sorry Martin). This just proves multitasking is not for everyone.
If you need to have sales force, that is not limited to leads and opportunities, you definitely cannot stick to MS CRM app..
I got lost somewhere in the middle. And now I am looking at the sentence like a confused puppy, trying to figure it all out… Nope, still nothing.
Synchronizes and imports Google contacts, Gmail e-mail…
Let’s appreciate the poetry here: Gmail Email.
It rhymes!
Hit New button, Leave the Type on Public View and set the desired template (number of fields on the view). You can add more fields when designing the view. Leave Hidden as disabled.
Wow. What? Wow.
Resco is on the climax of delivering innovation in mobile technologies to the market that will help businesses bring progressive technology experiences to their customers and staff.
Was this copied from an annual report of some Fortune 500 company? From the 80’s?
Seriously, who talks like this?
The field name is too long and it a part of it is cut in the Mobile CRM application.
The beginning is fine, then the content got all chopped up and ended up all messed up. Or perhaps it was a competition of how many short words you can put together.
Flexible forms means that forms are displaying the content in a flexible form.
Don’t you love explanations of terms that use the term itself? I know I do.
Resco is shooting the moon and has reached a new milestone.
Disclaimer: No moons were harmed during the production of our products.
PS: We are already taking English classes to improve our communication. So I suspect we will be not seeing blunders like this in the future. But maybe, as long as there’s enough time-constraint involved that would force us to write quickly, we might just witness a part 2. Let’s hope for the best.
Help us help you! Let us know what sort of information are you missing from our documentation and posts, so we can get working on it. Drop us a line at mobilecrm@resco.net
We’re in this together.