GPS Tracking in Resco Mobile CRM

GPS tracking is a great tool to monitor field workers’ daily routes and activities they have done. Moreover, everything is done in the application’s background, so it doesn’t disturb users during their work. The Mobile CRM App stores all activities a mobile user realized together with respective GPS coordinates. So at the end of the day a manager has a perfect review of all activities and places visited by the field workers.

Resco Mobile CRM GPS tracking function
Resco Mobile CRM GPS tracking function

E.g. when a salesperson makes a call at point X, creates a new order at point Y and updates an opportunity at point Z, all these activities are tracked with GPS coordinates. The manager has a complete overview of the activities directly on the map represented by graphical pins with time stamps and links to respective activities. Thus, at the end of the day, the manager will have a complete graphical representation of the salesman’s route with all the activities they have done during the day. You can download the free app from here:

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