Favorites (if you like it, put a pin on it)

If you frequently access certain records, pin them to your Favorites – a special section in the Resco Mobile CRM app that lets you make a collection of records from various entities.
This cuts down on unnecessary clicks.
And time.
An example: Let’s say I am a sales person working on some opportunities this week (I would like to successfully close them). I am also planning to follow up on a couple of existing customers; trying to obtain references from them. And I need to check, if the payments for last month’s orders already arrived.
It makes perfect sense to add these specific opportunities, accounts and orders into my Favorites. This way I don’t need to go into every entity separately to search for a handful of records each and every time I need to look up a detail.
Favorites make my life easier.

How to make a record your favorite?

Open a record and tap the star button (it is displayed when no other actions for that record are available) or tap the action button and choose the favorite command (when there are more actions to choose from).
Now you can find these records in your Favorites section.
If I no longer need the record to be in here, simply remove it.
Note: If you are using Windows RT/8.1, you can also pin record onto the start screen, so you can access it with just 1-click.

Let your users have their Favorites – a guide for system admins

Step 1: Open a mobile project in Woodford, go to ˈHomeˈ section and add the Favorites item by drag and dropping it from Available Items into Home.
Step 2: Go to Edit Form (select an Entity you want users to be able to add records to the Favorites list from) and click on the Edit Command button.
In the Form Commands Editor, add the Favorite command from Available Commands to Selected Commands.
Repeat this step for any other entity.
Once you save the changes, publish the mobile project and users synchronize the Mobile CRM application, they will be able to pin records to their Favorites.
Do you know how to easily navigate within the app? This short video might reveal tips you didn’t know about.

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