Faster in-app navigation with images in your questionnaire picklists

Did you know the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words? Furthermore, 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Simply put, we process and respond to visual data far better than any other type of information.
So how about further boosting the efficiency of your field team by adding custom images to any picklist (Option Set question) in your Inspections questionnaires?

How to use images in your picklists (Option Set questions)

 If you want to use custom images in your picklists, follow these steps:
1. Create an Option Set question in the Questionnaire Designer.
2. Open your Woodford project that uses Questionnaires, go to the Images section and create a new directory. To this directory, you can upload the images you want to show with your options – or even instead of them.
Please bear in mind that values for the Option Set are stored in the database as numbers (0; 1; 2; etc.). Make sure your images are named as the corresponding Option Set value.
In our example, we have a directory named ‘icecream’, with an image of a strawberry ice cream as the first option (value=name=0), the second option for the chocolate ice cream (value=name=1) and so on.
After you’ve added your images to the options, save and publish your project.
3. Now you can re-open the Questionnaire Designer and proceed to the Styles editor. Create a new style, and in the ‘Image’ property section on the right please fill in:

  • The path leading to the correct Image directory, which is simply its name (e.g. ‘icecream’)
  • Choose the alignments of images and texts within your option sets (you can use both text and image, as well as image only)

Don’t forget to save this new style.
4. Return to your questionnaire apply the style on the Option Set question. Save and synchronize the app.
Note: Please keep in mind that the images are stored in the Woodford project, not in the data. Therefore, you need to store them in all projects that use the questionnaire, to see the images in all of them.
5. And that’s it! This is how the images will look on the picklist (option set) in your Inspection app:

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