FAQ – Get your answers about Resco for Salesforce [UPDATE]

Resco’s business mobility solutions for Salesforce have come a long way. In terms of both = platform & business development. Today, we work with hundreds of Salesforce solution engineers, ISVs, customers and partners. They all have one in common – they want answers to their questions.
More than 40 Q & A, divided into 5 topics are now a part of the Salesforce FAQ section of our website. This is an extended collection of popular questions we often get during calls, webinars and in-person demonstrations. Here is a small sneak peek of them:  

1. General knowledge

  • How is Resco integrated with the Salesforce platform?
  • How secure is my Salesforce data in Resco?

2. Starting off with Resco

  • Do I need to be a programmer to start working with Resco?
  • Can I get an out-of-the-box version of Resco with my Salesforce data for my use case?

3. Licencing and payments

  • Which Salesforce licence license do I need for Resco to work?
  • What payment method do you use to sell licences?

4. In-depth technical knowledge

  • Can Resco perform advanced business logic in offline mode?
  • Does Resco support Gmail and Exchange/Outlook email & calendar integration?

5.  Common issues

Click here to dig deeper and broaden your mobility skills:

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