FAQ: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service Mobile App Licensing

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Ever since the Resco platform was incorporated as the default Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile client, we’ve received numerous inquiries about the licensing requirements and customization of the solution.
Today we’re bringing you an overview of the most frequently asked questions, so you can always find the answers easily organized in one place.

Is there anything I need to know or do before requesting my D365 for Field Service mobile licenses?

There are 3 steps that you must take before mobile licenses can be assigned to your D365 for Field Service instance:

  1. Download and install the Resco Mobile Dynamics 365 Woodford solution
  2. Import the field service mobile project template into the Woodford solution
  3. Publish the mobile project template.

Step 3 is especially crucial, as publishing the mobile template actually creates the organization where your licenses will be assigned.
And that’s all you need to do prior to requesting your D365 for Field Service mobile licenses. For more details, check out the step-by-step instructions published here.

How extensible is the D365 for Field Service mobile client?

1. Which D365 entities are actually counted when considering the terms of the D365 for Field Service mobile license?
Every entity that is enabled in the mobile project in the Woodford configuration tool is counted. That means that the entity doesn’t have to be used e.g. on the Home form – simply enabling the entity in the project is enough to have it counted.
2. What are the ‘Standard’ entities in the D365 for Field Service mobile client? And which entities are fully prohibited?
Standard entities may or may not be included in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app, depending on their type. Standard entities consist of all entities where the logical name (technical name) of the entity starts with:

    • “msdyn_”
    • “f1_”
    • “resco_”

Any entity without an underscore (“_”) in the logical name is also considered to be a standard entity. However, the following entities cannot be used with the Field Service app. If any of the following entities are used, Resco Enterprise licenses are required:

    • Competitor
    • Goal
    • Lead
    • LeadAddress
    • List
    • Opportunity
    • OpportunityClose
    • OpportunityProduct
    • CustomerOpportunityRole
    • OpportunityCompetitors
    • SalesOrder
    • OrderClose
    • SalesOrderDetail
    • Queue
    • QueueItem
    • GoalRollupQuery
    • SalesLiteratureItem
    • SalesLiterature

3. Can I incorporate Custom Entities into my D365 for Field Service mobile client?
Up to 10 custom entities per mobile project may be used for the Microsoft D365 Field Service mobile app. All entities with an underscore (“_”) in their logical name, without “msdyn_”, “f1_”, or “resco_” preceding the underscore, are considered to be custom entities. These entities are counted against the 10 custom entity limit. The 10 custom entity limit may not be exceeded without first contacting Resco to determine licensing requirements.
4. Where can I find more information about the D365 for Field Service mobile license?
The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide is always a good place to start. But if you’d like a personal consultation on your D365 for Field Service mobile application, feel free to contact Andrew Lorraine who heads up Resco’s collaboration with Microsoft, partners, and customers for D365 for Field Service.
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