Face masks & AI image recognition – who needs that?


With every operation, a surgeon must follow hygiene protocols very strictly. Before surgery, surgeons have to scrub their hands for 5 full minutes. During the surgery, they are obligated to wear surgical face masks. The masks do a good job of protecting the surgical field from pathogens.

From the operating room to every workplace

Not that long ago, the face masks were mainly being used for medical purposes. Also, in the past few years, it wasn’t that uncommon to see people in countries like China or Japan protecting themselves from pollution this way. Now, face masks have become a part of our everyday outfit in many countries. What has changed?

World Health Organization advises people the best protection against the spread of Coronavirus is to maintain social distancing and wash your hands properly. But what about those who are not able to stay distant at all times? There are millions of field workers who still need to work, even in the current situation.

Ensuring workers safety with AI technologies

Many employees around the world are now encouraged to wear face masks to minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19. To help employers ensure the necessary sanitary measures among field workers, Resco Inspections can now also incorporate a Face Mask Check.

AI image recognition model, we have created, enables users to confirm with a photo whether they are wearing a mask or not. The simple questionnaire then collects the data about all the employees. Also, the employers, managers or supervisors will be able to sleep at night better, knowing that the necessary safety regulations are followed by all the workers. Here are a couple of situations how can you incorporate this to your workforce:

  • Factories & warehouses: with hundreds of employees to ensure their safety
  • Service industries like banking, retail or pharma: where workers come into contact with a handful of strangers
  • Hospitals & health centers: where workers can be exposed to many infected people daily

How do I get the Face Mask Check to my Inspections organization?


  1. If you are already using Resco Inspections, your system admin can simply download the Woodford project: Inspections with Face Mask recognition.
  2. Open Woodford and Import the project to your existing organization, then hit Publish.


  1. Watch the video to see how to configure the AI Face Mask image recognition model in Woodford. Work with the data below:

Simply copy-paste this:
Prediction key: 7b7afae4134e430ea19874897e24bb40
URL: https://westeurope.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/customvision/v3.0/Prediction/3d084a0b-7e87-4f59-816a-30b288a0bd4a/classify/iterations/face_masks/image
*Prediction key and URL were created in Azure when we projected the model.
NOTE: Before you publish the project, make sure you have Inspections enabled in your organization.

+ add a pre-defined template (complements both options)

  1. You can also use a pre-defined template or you can create one yourself
  2. Get a pre-defined template here: Face Mask Recognition Template

Go to Questionnaire Designer

Extra tips:
You can also add the Face Mask Check on a form. You can configure it on an Appointment in Woodford. So in practise, your employees can join the big staff meeting only if all of they are wearing the face masks.
Have you seen our COVID-19 Health Check yet? You can add AI scheme as a simple question into your existing questionnaire. Whether it is the new COVID-19 Health Check or any other you utilize.
Learn more about AI image recognition in Resco here.
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May you have any questions, drop them at mobilecrm@resco.net