External speakers bring variety to resco.next 2018

We’ve already discussed audience demographics and topic blocks for this year’s resco.next. We strive to make the event bigger and better every year, making sure our attendees leave with practical knowledge about implementing mobility (and good networking memories). To help us make this happen, the following speakers have kindly agreed to share their experiences with Resco.

Anton Vitiaz

Building custom UI components for Resco Mobile CRM with React

Nowadays, almost each enterprise project has to meet specific user requirements. In most cases, they refer to some advanced UI components that can’t be customized using out-of-the-box functionality. What’s more, components for the business apps have to be responsive and work across most major platforms (both Web and Mobile). Thus, knowing all the know-hows and following the “Build Once – Use Everywhere” principle become a must for the development of business applications.

Bernhard Rastorfer
COSMO Consult

Customer Solutions with Resco

Our Partner COSMO Consult talks about their experiences with Resco in their projects in the past 7 years in their session for both partners and customers. Partners can share Resco success stories with their prospects, while existing and new customers can see how they can use the functionality of Resco to create more business opportunities.

Dennis Istel and Natascha Ersch

aXon upSell Medical Engineering & Pharmaceuticals – A powerful Resco solution for mobile sales force

Physicians and professional staff in medical practices, laboratories, apothecaries and hospitals have a strict and tight schedule. Therefore, as a quality producer of Pharma and Medical Engineering equipment you need a strong, well organized sales force. This is where aXon upSell Pharma & Medical Engineering helps you.

Dirk Flawinne

How to make a difference with Resco and generate added value for mobile teams

What are the challenges in the market? What are the drivers that impact change, how to react and what technology do we need to react properly? NORRIQ presents some findings from their business cases and advantages of Resco.

Henning Sittel

Mobile/Offline Visit Planning- Unchained Flexibility

ORBIS presents its brand new visit planning module “Planning Assistant”, which provides a huge bundle of possibilities to sales reps preparing their visits. Visits can be planned based on fix rhythm and tour settings, promotion driven or radius driven. A new experience to plan visits fast, easy and totally flexible.

Andrew Lorraine, Resco
Max Hadek and Markus Zimmermann, gorelate
Matteo Bacchin , ALK Abelló

How to Mobilize Any CRM Platform through Resco Cloud

We all know about Resco’s integrations with D365 and Salesforce – but what are the options when it comes to mobilizing any CRM platform with Resco? Join representatives from Resco, gorelate (Austria), and ALK-Abelló (Denmark) as they share their insights on using Resco Cloud and Resco Mobile CRM to improve the day-to-day activities and CRM usage of ALK’s pharmaceutical sales reps across Europe.

And that’s not all. Join us for two days of tech panels, business talks and networking, all about business mobility. Get your conference pass now at www.resco.net/next.
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