Experience the Beer and BMW Capital While at the resco.next Conference


So, What’s the Main Idea Behind our Conferences?

Well, sometimes, you simply have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. You know, what they say: ‘A dull axe won’t cut a tree nearly as effectively as a sharp one’.
This is what conferences are for. They are, indeed, all about smartening yourself up and letting you break out of your comfort zone. You can learn in a new space, network with strangers (that can eventually turn into perspective partners/customers), and get a line on new tips & useful tactics. However, for what it’s worth, at each such event, you often get a chance to experience an authentic feel of an unknown city!
This year, we picked Munich for the European edition of resco.next.
Still hesitant, whether to attend the resco.next Mobile CRM conference in Munich? Knowing the Top 5 Facts & Top 5 Attractions to attend this thriving city, will streamline your decision making!

Get to Know Munich – 5 Coolest Facts

  1. Oktoberfest

Despite its name, the world-renowned & probably the biggest beer festival actually starts in September. It draws up to six million visitors over its three-week run. The reason? The weather is just better in September. What you most probably had no idea about, is that Albert Einstein screwed in the first light bulbs at the Schottenhamel tent at the Oktoberfest!

  1. Big city life

Munich is the 22nd largest city in Europe. Which doesn’t seem so mind-blowing, but it’s Bavaria’s capital and the 3rd largest city in Germany, with 1.4 million inhabitants.

  1. Bavarian Dialect

Believe it or not, Bavarians have their own language. Their dialect is not easy to understand, even for many other Germans. And don’t get me started on major and minor dialect groups of Bavarians (there are plenty of them!)

  1. Beer, beer, beer…and more beer

Did you know that beer is not considered as an alcoholic beverage, but rather a staple food in Bavaria? 🙂 I know, right?

  1. Bavaria Studios

Europe’s biggest film studios Bavaria Filmstudios are in Munich. A number of the most famous European movies have been produced here. Visit Bavaria Filmstadt, meet Falco’s legend and other ‘heroes’: Visit Filmstadt.

Get to Know Munich – Top 5 Not-to-miss Attractions

  1. Home to BMW

That’s a must see! Visit a large museum dedicated to the manufacturer, where among all, you will learn that BMW has its own postal code in Munich – 80788.

  1. Neues Rathaus (New Townhall)

The monk-child mascot of the city is 85m high, and hosts the city’s government including the city council and the office of the mayors. Highly recommend to see!

  1. Famous white sausages

Traditional Weisswurst is usually eaten with sweet mustard and pretzels, and only served before noon. Check out the 15 best places for a white sausage in Munich according to Foursquare.

  1. Englischer Garten + City Surfing River

Famous English Garden belongs among Europe’s biggest city parks (even beating London’s Hyde Park). The hugest curiosity about the park is its city surfing river – funky attraction where the artificial stream that circles around the garden makes for quite the perfect conditions for recreational surfers.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle – the one that inspired Walt Disney

Right outside Munich is that incredible ‘fairy-tale-like’ castle in the middle of a mountain. Not only that, Walt Disney modeled his legendary castle after this, but it also has its own cave room.

Top 5 Things to Experience at resco.next in Munich

  1. Techy talks & hangouts

Enjoy keen discussions and ‘hang-outs’ with us & your peers: when the city sleeps, get some genuine fun with your resco.next co-attendees. Trust me, nothing compares to meeting experts and influencers face-to-face!

  1. Woodford Appreciation Class with a Trivia Quiz

Woodford – Resco’s configuration tool that shares its name with a world-class Whiskey deserves a unique spotlight. A comprehensive walkthrough history of this beverage makes it a ‘not-to-miss’ number one session! Besides all, would you really want to miss the chance to take a part in the Woodford Trivia Quiz and have some fun (or win yourself a prize)?  Discover all the sessions at https://www.resco.net/next/europe/sessions.aspx.

  1.  Reception

Seize the opportunity to meet with fellow CRM peers and Resco folks & continue your mobile CRM revolution with the after-session programs we‘ve prepared for you. 
Thursday, November 3 at 19:30
Haxnbauer im Scholastikahaus, Sparkassenstraße 6, 80331 Munich
One of the most popular meeting points in the historic city center that welcomes guests from all corners of the world. Treat yourself with “typische Munich Specialiteiten” and modern dishes, including delicious pork and veal specialties and even their own beer! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
Free with conference passes (meals, drinks, and entertainment included)

Visit our website for more details: resco.next reception

  1. Developer deep dives

Let’s be honest. Small talk is great, but is it a reason worth visiting a Mobile CRM conference? No. You want to delve deep into the technical and business aspects of CRM and mobility, so that you could use Resco Mobile CRM solution to its full potential.
     5. One shot, one opportunity…to get all the answers 
Asking how things really work with our Salesforce and Oracle CX integrations? How it’s progressed? Or curious how to sell Resco Mobile CRM the most effectively? This is your best chance to get a complete overview about Resco and all the insights about our Mobile solution (no secrets allowed).
Benefit from one-on-one discussions and let us give you a hand with whatever problem you’re currently facing – we’re happy to help!

A little piece of advice from our Resco team:
Never order anything, but Bavarian beer in Bavaria! 😉
Meet us in person, sign up for resco.next conference and get to know the City of Oktoberfest: https://www.resco.net/next/europe.